Allow media crawlers to be disabled on My Passpport Wireless

At the moment on the My Passport Wireless the media indexer and transcoder runs every single time the MPW is powered up. With a drive that’s got a lot of media on it, it causes a problem. With the media I have on my MPW, with a charge of 100% when turned on the charge will drop to 90% at the point indexing completes.

Please introduce an option where the media indexing can be turned toggled off and on. So when I turn the MPW on, moment after it’s operating system and services complete loading, the drive can almost immediately go to sleep so as not to waste battery charge each time it’s turned on.

As it stands now, if I turn it on and allow indexing to complete (when the drive actually spins down and sleep), on about the 8th power-up the battery will end up getting fully discharged.

Not useful if I’ll be away from a charging point for an entire day.

Click Media in the Navigation bar to display the Media page: From that webpage you can turn off DLNA services. Or go to your manual page 41.

Wthere are two. Twonky can br turned off. Western Digital’s own media
crawkar can’t be turned off or suspended through the UI.

It’s the layter that everyone should be able to turn off without losing
access to the My Cloud services.

It’s the Twonky that causes this behaviour; unfortunately Twonky starts a full scan after each reboot; this issue is known and escalated.

Here is the problem I have Twonky turned off and confirm it does not start
when the MPW is turned on, but for several minutes the drive is very busy.
(The drive by ear and listen while using stopwatch. )

We could do with the option of turning off and on ALL indexers and
transcoders as desired in the MPW.

I am reproducing this behaviour 100% of the time.

Idea Status: Acknowledge.


i like to know how u did turn off that twonky stuff.
my drive uses 50% of its power just to start and get through the data crawlers.
wondering why it is in there at all since its useless to create a library i dont use the wd software or apps it is not needed to access the drive just use a filemanager on the Phone with good support.
that manager makes fast thumbs for the folder im in and keeps it on Phone.
so no need to load the drive with busy stuff.