Allow Continuous Playing of Files(when 1 file ends, the next 1 begins right away)

It would be nice if there was an option for continuous file playing, so that if you are watching a series of TV shows, or short films or whatever, you don’t have to keep hitting play after it is done to play the next file. You could even add some kind of delay, like 5 seconds between each file before the next one plays, so that you would know that the files were changing. I just got this machine and love everything about it, except this is my biggest gripe. Is there a way to do this already that I am missing? I like to fall asleep to this, but would like if the files just kept playing. 

It does do that. So long as the videos are in the same folder, press the play button instead of enter.

Really? Thank you. That seems kind of silly, but I guess it makes sense. Yeah, I usually just push the ENTER button to play files. I think maybe they should just implement that into the ENTER button, but at least I know now. Thanks for the tip! Everything works great.

will it be possible to do the same with a folder containing videos and pictures: playing them together…?

at the moment i need to choose between videos and pictures

yes, works w/folders

i meant playing non stop picture and video

in the folder section:

i checked and you need either to press play on a movie (and then it will only play videos in the folder) or on a picture (and then it will only play pictures in the folder)

i have not managed to find a way to play everything on the same folder non stop…

did you manage? How?


I was somewhat mistaken, If everything in the folder is the same type media file, it will play it continuously, but if it is mixed it will not.  THis is mostly because to view photos, you must enter the Photos menu.  The WD looks for photo-type of files and no others.  Same goes for the other medie types.

About all you can do to “mix-media” is play a radio station via tunein app and then switch to photos and view photos with the music from tunein still playing.