Allow Access to Certain Folder?

Hi recently purchased the my cloud 2tb device i no how to work it etc but is there anyway to share a certain folder hear is my set up on the cloud

folder with my name consists of Photos/Music/Films/Software/Documents

now i have set up a user for my sister and put the music folder onto it for her because she does not need access to my photos films etc but in doing this i had to copy the music folder from my folder to my sisters user account in doing this i am doubling the size on the cloud

so is there anyway i can set my folder to public so my sister can go into my folder but only see the music folder seems a bit of a pain doing it the way i am currently doing like yesterday i added 16gb of music to my own folder now for my sister to see the new albums i also had to put the 16gb music onto her account so in effect it is doubling the size surely there has to be a way to set permission on a certain folder that are public ? thanks in advance

Why not place your music collections in the public folder? Or create another share where only the two of you can access? 

Another method, if you’re comfortable with shell, is to create an internal symbolic link:

ln -s /shares/you/Music /shares/sister/your_brothers_Music

Then restart samba with the following changes:


follow symlinks = yes 

wide links = yes

No good with shell lol this is what i have will end up doing placing the music folder into the public i did not do it this way at first cos iphone pictures go stright to public and i did not want my sister to have access to them i have just deleted my photos from public and am going to put music folder onto public when i sort the speed out 16hours for 60gb lol :smileyvery-happy:

Great then… fyi moving or copying files within one samba share to another from windows is like transferring them back to your pc and then back to your device. To significantly speed up huge internal transfers, sftp to the device and perform the operations. This same goes for usb transfers attached to the device.