All WD ShareSpace 8TB NAS 4 disks are now failed after SUCCESSFUL firmware update HELP PLEASE!

Jun 26

Everything was working smoothly until I decided to upgrade from Firmware 2.1.96 with Mionet to the newest NAS Firmware version of 2.3.02 with Mionet!

Everything went well and according to the “book” but after the rebooting the device is OBSOLETE! Neither of the disks works, In the disk manager folder I see that the status of all of them is indicated as “FAILED” and in the volumes and raid management folder again the data volume of Type Raid 5 has a failed status as well.

I wish I had stuck to the old firmware version. Unfortunately, I believed that by downloading the current firmware version from WD Support website would do me better, administration wise. Now I am afraid that all of my data are lost. Or not?

Can you help me, please?

It is a nightmare that I am in caused by the stupid WD Firmware upgrade…

Thank you!


Have you done all the normal things like shut down, unoplug and restart?

Yes, I have but still, there is no connection and when I get it via LAN then all disks are shown as failed! Don’t know what to do…