All WD My Passport stop working on High Sierra OSX 10.13


I’ve some My Passport external HDD and all of them stop working from one day to another on my MAC. They work perfectly in other Windows computer. The problem is only with an MAC with OSX 10.13

When I plug them the “WD Unlocker” drive is opened. I try to start WD Unlocker but after a couple of minutes it says that there are no volumes connected. ???

The volumes aren’t shown in “Disk Utility” nor “System information”. WD Discovery / Security says that no volume is detected.

Can you help me ???

Hi igormac,

Is your drive formatted for both mac and windows? If not, then you have to format your drive in exFAT file system in order to make it compatible with both mac and windows.

NOTE: Formatting is data destructive and cannot be undone.

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Hi & thanks for the reply,

  • The problem are not the drivers. I have drivers for HFS in Windows and for NTFS in Mac.
  • I have several WD units. All encrypted with WD Security:
    – Old ones (WD My Passport 2Tb, WD My Elements 2Tb, etc …) works perfectly everywhere.
    – New ones, My Passport 4Tb, stop working simultaneously a days ago in Mac but not in Windows. So the units are OK.
  • WD unlocker needs a couple of minutes to start, and after that it says that “No volume is detected”
  • They also don’t appear in Disk Utility nor System information. Only “WD Unlocker” drive.

Any known issue with unlocker app? Certificates stop working? any incompatible software?

I need them to work. Please help me.

Hi again,

Additional info. about my WD disks:


Please, need help :cry:

Hi again,

I have finally discovered the problem. It was the Kaspersky Internet Security 19. I have uninstalled it and the drives works again.

I don’t know why because it works with any other WD but NOT with this particular model: WDBYFT0040BBK

Thanks for your help and I hope this info helps :slight_smile: