All videos on crt sdtv monitor have bits of the top and bottom on picture missing on 0.9 zoom?


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awwwww man i really hoped the 0.9 zoom was gonna fix the problem it does it for the left and right side of the screen but the top and bottom still have some picture missing.Way better than 1.0 but still missing a tiny bit and its real annoying knowing since u do miss details.0.8 zoom shows it all but to much of the tv screen is black .Even watching on an hdtv won't fix this problem because i don't like watching 4:3 content with black bars on the left and right hand sides.In the latest update they said they fixed overscan with crtv tv's does that mean they just added 0.8 and 0.9 zoom or something else??Please say something else that i just need to enable in the options.Most anime is still just in sdtv content and will be like that for quite sometime.Buying a 60 inch plasma will not solve this problem.Anybody know of any other solution for this or even another device that will even take up the full picture with 1.0 zoom and have no picture missing?I don't even enjoy watching anime on my 24 lcd monitor because of viewing angle issues.If anything it still gives me reason to buy anime on dvd but i can barely tell a difference between dvd quality and good mkv quality and anime i want is over priced on dvd.Please helpppppp meeeeeee im the last of an old school breed???I'm going to be getting the pop box when it comes out but i might not even be able to get it in Canada and who knows if that fixes this problem.I'm excited for it supporting flv files though

I’m not sure what your actual problem is. 

Video can be produced in a wide variety of aspect ratios, including many which do not fill up even an HDTV.  Only 4:3 and 16:9 video produced content will perfectly fit a 4:3 and/or 16:9 television, and this is not the norm for content produced in the last 10 years or so.  Therefore it is perfectly natural (and almost impossible to avoid) having black bars on a television set, either top bottom or left right.

If you *could* zoom in to such a degree they would disappear from all sources, then you would either cut off large portions of the image or you would change the aspect ratio of the image (resutling in squashed or stretched images).  You would not want to do either.  My advice to you: get over it.  It’s just the way things are (on my HDTV, as well as most newer ones, the blacks are so deep you don’t even notice the bars, because they perfectly match the frame and the picture looks “normal”.  I suspect the problem now is not that you have black bars, but that you have “gray” ones).

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