All users can see all photos in app and online

Seems this is a pretty common thread here, but here goes again. It seems that the app and the online version of it has access to all files on the NAS, regardless of which share they are in or which shares the user has access to. This makes for a pretty annoying experience on the app, since the only way to view by date is to select “photos”. In the folders view each user can see only the shares they have access to, but in photos they can see all of them! This renders the app useless as a “personal cloud” since that would suggest that each user could dump their photos etc to the NAS and still have access anywhere to THEIR files!
Unless there is something I’m missing this is pretty disappointing and a big hole in the functionality of the mycloud platform. Is there a way to achieve what I am suggesting?


What are you wanting to accomplish? Are you the administrator of your device? Is it a first generation WD My Cloud? Have you read the User Manual and all Help information that is provided? Click on, tap, or activate image to enlarge it.

My Cloud Personal Storage User Manual (

Hi thanks for responding. I think I’ve got that figured out - problem is that my MyCloud account is admin and owner on the MyCloud NAS, so I had to reduce it’s access and create additional users for things like a home pc that I want to see all shares. Anyhow so the MyCloud OS5 app can now only see what admin can see, but it seems the handling of file dates is incorrect. Here’s what I’m seeing:

  • I moved some photos from one share to another
  • those photos all show up on 1-6-21, the day that I moved them. When I view the info in the app, the ‘modified time’ appears to be the date the picture was taken, ‘creation time’ is 1-6-21, which is what the sorting is based on.
    is there a way to sort on ‘modified time’?

If you are having a problem with the OS5 app and or OS5 firmware, you should see the dedicated subforum for the OS5 firmware and software. This subforum deals with the older OS3 firmware and apps. The OS5 app and firmware tend to have different features and settings than the older OS3 apps and firmware.

OS5 My Cloud Subforums

Hi Deangoya

I am facing the same problem as you but I didn’t understand the solution you came up with.
Would you mind explaining a bit?
Thank you very much

1st: remember that the app is limited in capability.

If you logon as admin, and admin has access to all the shares. . .you will see all the data.

If you want to restrict access, you need to create “other users”; and create “other shares”. Then you have to segregate the data into shares based upon who you want to see what.