All users backed up?

I am a newbie here so please excuse me if I accidently break protocol. If this not the right place please direct me there. I have 2 users on my computer and want to know that if all the files for both users are done on the same backup or is it the primary user only. If only one user done how do I get the second one attached?


What backup software are you using?

Thankyou for you response. I am using Windows 7 Pro. The files backed up
C\Users\Owners\Documents as an example. Does this mean that only my ffile
is backed up as I am the primary user only? Any added users are not covered
even though on the same computer? If this is the case do you know if
possible to add to this backup ( putting the name in the place of
owner? Would the other user files on the drives (C: G: E: for example/)

Thank you for any help you can give.