All UI and Dashboard stuff doesnt work

Hi all,

About a week or so ago I noticed on my My Book Live that the light was stuck on purple.  It had been stuck on purple for a day or longer.  So, I finally power cycled it.  It came back blue, then green.  Yet at that point, I cannot log in to the dashboard UI.  When I go to http://“IP address”/UI  I just get an 404 error.

I think at some point it tried to automatically download and install a firmware update and now its borked up.

The weird thing is, that as long as the light is blue or green, the DLNA media streaming works to my TV, I can access the public shares from my Mac and Windows computers, and the Transmission torrent downloader works fine.  Everything seems OK except the dashboard UI and the WD Quick View doesnt work on my win computers.  It shows 0% and Temp unavailable. 

I see that a new firmware update was just put out two weeks ago, I’m guessing this is the cause of all my troubles.  This really **bleep**.

I can still SSH into it, but when I log in as root and do a dir command this is all I get:

MyBookLive:~# dir

I dont know if that is good or bad??

I also want to add that I cannot connect to the device from the “My Cloud” software on my Mac or the My Cloud apps on my iPad and iPhone.

I’m hoping someone here can help, I’m not the most fluent at Linux.

Is there anyway I can try to reapply the firmware update?  Or maybe roll it back to a previous version?  I dont even know what version I’m on because I cant get the properties from WD Quick View or get into the Dashboard???



After doing some digging, I was able to figure out what happened.  

I hope this info helps someone else who may be having the same problem or similar problem.

What happened was the WD MBL attempted to auto-update its own firmware and apparently had an issue.  How I was able to fix this was to manually download the firmware file and save it to the Public folder and then SSH into the MBL and then enter the command to force it to update from a local firmware file.  After it did all this, it rebooted and when it came back up, everything was back to normal and when I was able to get into the Dashboard, I could finally see that it initially tried to auto-update the firmware but failed on Feb 1 2015, after this there are several reboots listed and several more firmware update fails.  Finally it shows the last firmware update successful (the manual one).

WD support really blows and their auto update really blows.  

I would suggest everybody turn off their auto-update feature.  I have now turned mine off.  

EDIT #2:

After forcing the manual firmware update, my Transmission torrent downloader that I had manually installed no longer works.  I guess I’ll have to redo the install and rewrite the script that starts it automatically upon bootup.

Hi there,

I am very glad you were able to fix your issue and to share what you did to resolve it. Hopefully this helps other users with the similar problems.