All "problems" that needs to be fixed in WD TV LIVE


Write down all the “problems” you got or things you want to be added/fixed.

And hopefully WD will read this.

I want the DVD-ISO Menu can be fixed, right now it skips the menu and you’ve to fastforward like an ■■■■■ instead of jumping chapters.


Actually, there is already a place for this (and it ain’t here).  Go to the Ideas section (see above next to forum heading) and post your ideas there (but do a search first, because if your idea is already posted the best bet is to just add a vote to it).

problem here,it was working fine with hdmi to dvi cable,but from yesterday all of a sudden hdmi does not work.I try ever firmware and still nothing,composite output works,
What a hell happend ?

Please anyone help i dont know what to do,i try every firmware and still dont work.

Same problem ! HDMI stopped working suddenly ! Tried everything, same cable as before, still works with other devices but WD HD LIVE !  We need serious help because now we are using WD NON-HD LIVE !  ):

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Sry, didnt see the “Ideas-section”, thought it was some commercial things.