All Portrait-Fotos are shown in landscape-modus and in very bad qualtiy

I’ve just bought a new WD My Cloud and a WDTV player .Before I had already a player of the first or second generation and a functioning WD My Book. Tentatively I have a few photos recorded on the new WD My Cloud. For unknown reasons, ALL portrait photos are displayed in landscape mode on the tv (access with the wdtv player), also this portraitfotos have a very poor resolution in the presentation. Photos are neatly aligned by me. On all other devices and also on the old My Book which works perfectly. Although when I accesswith new player ot the old My Book. Therefore, tis problem can be only depend on the new My Cloud ???
Has anyone an explanation?
Greetings from East Westphalia

Are you accessing your pictures using direct network shares or are you using the Twonky media server?

I am using the twonky media Server… I just tried it again. Using the old wd my book (with an twonky 5.x) it works fine, with the new wd my cloud it doesnt work. all Pictures are in landscape-modus. I’ve tried all the settings in Twonky. but has nothing helped .

greetings from Germany

What ‘Media Receiver Type’ do you have set for your WDTV for each of the two Twonky installations? Check under Twonky ‘Sharing’ control page.

Different orientation and different resolutions sounds like it’s not using the correct receiver type.

the setting is wd tv media player?
greetings from germany