All of the albums show up under unknown name


I’m going to bump my thread to see if I can get some help.

When I copy my album folders from my PC to the Mycloud music folder all looks fine. Then when I go to Windows Media 12 and look at the folder all of the albums were copied to one album named unknown. When I try to play them on a Playstation3 or Yamaha net ready receiver it’s the same, all the songs are in one folder.

I’ve given up and use my lap top for music streaming.

Someone must have had a similar experience.


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This isn’t a bump.   This is a new post.

Had to go back and search your post history to find your original thread, which has more info…  

BobRussell wrote:

…The Wav files are there, all the tags are fine, and the cover art is there.

 You say you’re ripping to WAV files?   If so, that’s probably the issue you’re having – WAV files don’t really have much support for metadata tagging, as far as I know…

One thing is for sure… the Cloud has no idea how you’re ripping as to whether it’s on a wired PC or wireless PC…  it doesn’t know or care.

We have a winner!

Thanks TonyPH123245 the WAV format was the problem.

I ripped a few discs in WMA lossless and while the My Cloud labeled them correctly, they would not play on my Yamaha net receiver. I re-ripped them in WMA (variable bit rate) and then the songs played on both the Yamaha receiver and on the PS3.

All the WMA formatted discs were deleted and I ripped about a dozen CDs. They all ended up in the proper folders.

Thanks again Tony.

And thanks to jubei04 for moving this thread to where is was seen. :wink: