All of sudden my passport 500Gb usb shows no data, not even wd unlocker. please! help!

Bought it about 2 months ago. downloaded on it last seven years of my life. I didnt use it often, kept it safe all the time.

 Few days ago I connected it to my hp laptop as always and there`s nothing on it. not even wd unlocker as i kept it password protected. Im starting to think that one of my sisters just formated it but they would have no idea how to do it.

Does anyone had similar issue? please guys help me!

ps.I run Recover My Files and it shows nothing. like its brand new or something

help will be greatly appreaciated

I too have the same problem, except that i have a 1TB Essential.

seems like nobody knows how to help us…

wd didnt reply  to my messages

I have no idea what to do

if u find any solution please post it here and I do the same

I Three have the same problem. Can someone help us? My be a ( bad product design ) be WD.

I also have this problem with my 250gb passport essential.  Used it since March of 2010 on my old work computer.  Recently changed jobs… tried to plug it into my new computer and it shows there to be no data on the drive.  I had a lot of $$ worth of music/audiobook files backed up on this drive and I’m not happy about this.  Somebody at WD should respond to this.  Carbonite is looking better every day.

biggwhack wrote:

 I had a lot of $$ worth of music/audiobook files backed up on this drive and I’m not happy about this.

Well, then you’re lucky.  If they’re backups, you can still re-backup the files from your other surviving copies, or the originals.

If they were your only copy and you corrupted the drive, then you’d likely be out of luck unless you can restore the partition table.

“In information technology, a backup or the process of backing up is making copies of data which may be used to restore the original after a data loss event.”

i know WD is not perfect but at least could respond.

should I/we forget about the data and go on. or is there anyway to resotre it.??

im willing to spend some money on it but someone please point me in the riight direction please


This is just a users forum not customer service and apparently nobody has a helpful idea.


Try to keep updating from WD it may help.

was contacted by WD but for the moment they just asked me for my contact details, emailed me few times, hope I will have some good news to post up here. For the moment nul