All of my suggestions - Please read

-> Sleep / Standby mode
-> Turn on and especially off possible from mobile phone app!
-> Effective Device recognition and registry (Totally doesn’t see my devices…)
-> Warnings about foreign devices / No access to other users on same WIFI without passcode
-> ONE portal for all WD related themes and topics (If it takes too much time at the beginning then at the very least a page that organises and links to all of the pre-existing materials)
-> Chat support
-> Good PR concerning new features and Data security
-> “Offline” problem MUST be resolved
-> Massive transfer speed issues - please help us with this (It cannot take 8 hours + to transfer some photos that transfer in less than 30 min from my camera to the computer… and NO it is not my WIFI connection)
-> Connection to other Cloud Solutions like Dropbox for easy sharing
-> Display RAW photos and ideally Adobe format files (I cannot see what I am doing here!!!) - Would be awesome if I could see pictures large so I can throw unwanted pictures into a “trash” folder before deleting them later - like on a mac. (Otherwise I have to do this on another device… and I don’t always have enough space there…)
-> Duplicate and Drive Clean-Up support would be cool… um, messy backups anyone?
-> Faster Drive Loading (Is this folder really empty?.. At least show how many elements are there before loading so we don’t freak out about missing data.)
-> More Stability, so my drive just “gets confused” from a few basic navigational links and then has to reload and totally breaks doing any transfer that it was doing… LAME.
-> Longer transfer lists… right now I cannot add more tasks into a cue because it just breaks
-> Better device and mobile management to determine who has access and how
-> Built in Security for damaged and or dangerous files

the list goes on… I bought this drive over 2 years ago - are you guys even trying?


I think most of the people are not paying attention to this post:

WD is inviting beta testers for the new (I hope major) update.