All of a sudden i can't access my SMP from my computer

My original experience with this device and networking was that i could access my SMP from my laptop and watch any files that are on the hard drive connected to my SMP and also move files from my computer to my SMP over the network. I later had some issues trying to do the network share and access files from my SMP that are on my laptop. This wonderful forum helped with that and that part still works great.

But all of a sudden my SMP does not show up as an option in my network directory. I have no idea what happened and i dont think i originally did anything to set it up it just kind of happened from when i connected them to the internet. Also if it matters, it was still working fine even after the new firmware update. This change happened a coupld weeks after i updated.

Any ideas or things to check on would be very appreciated.

just to clarify a little more. This is from the manual but the red circled icon does not show up any more but the black icon with the yellow square still does show up under media devices

smp pic.JPG

and now it started working again. What the heck?

What you are showing there implies your ‘drive’ is not connected to the USB input. So you are absolutely sure and by the remote you are playing files off the drive?

Two things to try:

  1. You reminded me I had disconnected my USB drive, I plugged it back in and did not see it on the network either. It took two tries but a complete recycle brought the drive icon back under computer: With the usb already plugged in make sure everything is off from elecric including no power in the HDMI. Slowly bring it all back on starting with the router to the WDTV then appliances like the TV … ,

I had some problews with getting the player to work again perhaps caused by stupidly having plugged the drive into the USB slot when on. It was numerous power on/off reboots of the WDTV  and after getting the player working on the TV again gretting the network explorer consistent:  refreshing network through ipconfig  and the upnp players and then eventually #2 … helped out

  1. in Windows 8 in that network view add via netwok/add devices the WDTV. That might be all you need. It helped me despiye getting error messages.