All my data from WD Cloud is lost

Hi, I have lost all of my important data stored over my WD cloud storage is lost and I can only store new data . where is my previous data ?

I need urgent support .

I would suggest contacting WD support directly

@mf.rathod Do you own a My Cloud or a My Cloud Home? How did you move your data to your Cloud device and where did you store it? See example image below for my backup/storage. It is under Network>My Cloud>SmartWare.


What device and operating system are you using? Have you searched your My Cloud?

I have WD My Cloud in use.
I tried to search it but it does not show my files but few folders all empty except just one video in video folder - i have attached snapshop

it seems that data still available in drive showing as Others 5.2GB (circled in red) on dashboard but as said above physically I can also see on video as circled above Videos 230MB.

please help - hope I have answered all questions asked .


@mf.rathod You still did not answer all questions that were asked, but, if you have Windows you should be able to search your My Cloud using File Explorer. See example image below. Do you remember the name of the share, folder or file you used for the backup?

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.


I have replied all your questions , kindly help me retrieving my data.


Also, what share did you place the Video and other files in? Do you have any other devices backed up to your My Cloud? What computer and operating system are you using? (Example, I have a Dell Desktop, Windows 10 Home, October)

What do you have stored on your My Cloud Other than Videos, Photos, and Music Tracks and other devices?

Below is an image from my desktop computer, as you can see their are items that do not go under the three main categories that are shown on the Dashboard. Some of these are Documents, Army Items, Programs and some of what is backed up with SmartWare.

Here is an image of my Dashboard for my 1st generation My cloud showing what is stored on it.