All lights are off

When i came at the office this morning all the lights on my MyCloud EX2 are off and my cloud was not responding when I tried to connect to it.

What could be wrong with my MyCloud EX2?

Someone has turned it off?

Its power supply has failed?

The power ring main has failed?

This isn’t the EX2 forum.

I’m sure nobody has turned it off.
As far as I know the power supply hasn’t failed because my computer was still on and they are on the same power supply.
And anytime this morning it suddenly came back to life somewhere between 9:00 am.
Thus still remains strange.

You may want to ask your question in the dedicated EX2 subforum. This subforum (My Cloud) is generally for the single bay My Cloud units. That said have you tried power cycling the EX2 (unplug then replug in power)?

I meant the power supply (mains to DC) of the unit itself, not the mains supply (my third question).

Has it done an automatic firmware update?

“Somewhere between 9am”…?