All folders/files show up under Video, Music OR Photo

Hello, I am new to the WDTV Live, just bought it a day ago and I am in the process of setting it up, I keep all my movies, photos and music on my computer (each in its own directory) and am hooked up via a wired network, the problem I have is that if I choose the VIDEO option it not only shows my video folder/files but my music and photos as well, the same for the MUSIC option or the PHOTO option, I am wondering how to set it so that Video only shows video, Music only shows music and Photo only shows photos…thanks!

Set the CONTENT SOURCE (via the RED button) to “My Media Library.”

The answer given above is for the new Streaming Media Player (SMP). Since you said that you just bought it, Tony assumed that you probably have the new SMP. This forum is for the Live/Live Plus. If you have one of those older boxes, there is no  Content Source (Red) button.