All files gone from external USB drive


My 8TB Seagate external USB drive which I connected to WD My Cloud 2TB (firmware 2.30.165) drive is suddenly empty. I used it for a few days without any problems. Then I played a bit with the settings: activated a MyCloud account, renamed my USB drive, switched NFS on/off…

My set-up:

  • MacBook Pro (High Sierra) + Airport Extreme to which WD is connected. I’ve only installed WD Access, not WD Sync.

  • in fact I don’t use MyCloud over the internet, I only use it to access my music and videos at home, so only local network. I’ve bought it because connecting it directly to my Airport Extreme gave very slow access speeds.

  • I don’t use the internal 2TB WD drive for anything at the moment. In only use my external USB drive.

  • I don’t use it with phone or tablet, just with MacBook Pro (High Sierra) and Apple TV (with Infuse). It worked absolutely fine for a few days

So after tinkering with the settings on, suddenly my external drive is completely empty, all files are gone. Even worse, when I connect it directly to my MacBook it doesn’t mount anymore. Disk Utility can’t repair it either.

Small hope: Dashboard (on and MyCloud both see the occupied space. I had about 4,2TB of data on that 8TB drive. But if Disk Utility can’t repair it, that doesn’t bode well… Strange remark: on My Cloud my external USB drive still shows as “Seagate Backup__Hub_BK”, everywhere else as I renamed it: “iTunesMedia”.

Any ideas? Any help is appreciated!

Hello jefvdv,

Hello Davidl,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support: