All files disappeared!

Hi all,

I have connected my Book for Mac to a QNAP NAS to transfer some files.

I am pretty sure I haven’t done anything crazy, the system would have asked for some kind of confirmation, but anyway all files on Book are gone without being transferred!

We are talking 500GB of stuff. How can I recover?

All my media are in there…

Hi radiofab, sorry to hear you can not access your files, do you always safely eject the My Book before disconnecting the USA cable? If the My Book is still recognized by the Mac, try running a test using Disk Utility, check the link below for the steps. 

How to test a drive for defects or problems on a Mac

Sorry, maybe I was not clear.

  1. Files are on the Book.
  2. I connect the Book to my QNAP Nas.
  3. I test transfer of a file from Book to Nas.
  4. File is transferred correctly.
  5. Back to my Book, it’s empty. All files gone.
  6. Connect Book to Mac for a double check. Confirmed, Book is empty.

I suspect some kind of reciprocal sync between Book and Nas.

The issue is not the Mac.

My question is: how can I recover the lost files from the Book?