All file are corrupt - the content is 0

I tried to play some music and the default player gave an error saying the file was corrupt. Trying different files and players gave the same result. Looking at the files they’re correctly named, the directory structure is as it should be, and the files appear to be the correct size - but opening them with a hex editor shows every byte to be 0.

anyone ever seen this happen before?

Sounds like data corruption - but a lot of other things can mimic those symptoms.

Have you tried rebooting the My Cloud?

Rebooted, reset [short & long versions], different cables & ports. I’m thinking the next step is to rip it apart and try reading it from a linux system.

I don’t think that would help much in this case (also, what RAID mode is the drive in?)… Data Recovery may be your best bet.

Have you tried accessing from a different computer on the network?

This is old so the original poster has gone but just in case they’re still reading this and found a solution -

I’ve got exactly the same problem, everything looks ok but the content of some of the files is zero. No sound from the drive to suggest it’s failing and the files that are zero are from different dates.

Could be a RAID issue, but I don’t know how to check that.