All Drives "failed" on WD8 NAS Simultaneously

We have a WD8 4 drive NAS, RAID 5, that suddenly shows all 4 drives as “failed”. The share points show up, but the folders are empty. Power supply is showing 19.2V but the internal watch battery that I assume is there to hold parameters is dead as a doornail. Will replacing the battery revive the drive? Will the revived drive erase the discs rebuilding the RAID? Should I make a disk image of each drive before testing?

Hi, I’m sorry to hear the issue that you are having. I do not know what a WD8 is, can you share the model number of the drive?

The part number is:
WD P/N: WD80000A4NC-00

We have ordered a same model used enclosure from eBay ($65) and will be attempting to mount the drives in the new enclosure. I realize this may initialize the drives and lose the data, but we have been quoted $2-$5,000 to do a data recovery process and that’s just not worth it for what’s on there. We believe that it is an error or corruption of the firmware as the drive and shares still show on the network, but the shares appear empty and do not connect, and it’s unlikely that all 4 drives failed simultaneously.

We have obtained a used WD8 NAS, same product number, and would like to try transferring drives to this box. We would like to confirm that it has the same firmware version as we were on with the failed enclosure. Is there a way to mount the enclosure only and log-in to update firmware before adding the drives? If so could you provide the procedure? I seem to remember a log in sequence like or login?

The same problem just happened to me. Did you manage to recover the data by inserting your drives in another wd80000a4nc? I am looking to purchase another wd80000a4nc to try to retrieve my data, though I have not managed to find one since it is outdated and discontinued. I would be grateful if you could share your experience.

Possibly a giant surge or lightning strike or something?

We ended up returning the drive to WD tech support and they were able to transfer the data to a new drive. Unfortunately I cannot tell you the method they used, as I was just glad to get the data back.
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Thank you Ric. Much appreciated.