All data lost in WD Passport or data stolen?

Hello, my HD it’s suddenly empty, all gone. No “need to format” or other errors, also did a few SMART tests, and it’s apparently in good health with no problems.

The strange thing to me is that it was not really empty. The usual macOS hidden folders were there, even with some files from the last year in the .Trashes folder. I’ve been trying to open or read the .fseventsd files (supposedly they keep tracking of the last activity in the HD), but that’s beyond my knowledge.

Do you think it’s possible to lost all data except for those hidden folders or if an error like that were to happend it should have erased everything? There’s also the possibility that someone could have physically accessed the hard drive, stole my work and then deleted it.

Sorry for my english and thank you in advance.

Hello Aird,

I would suggest you to test your computer with the Antivirus software to ensure that all the data is virus and malware free.