All data gone on My Book Studio II

Me too.
Just unplug and wait…

Do you people think the fix will come from Apple or from MD?

(I emailed MD about this but never got a response.)

I hope WD will release a firmware update or an update for the raid manager.

Within a week fingers crossed…

Count me on this, too. 

After the inital install of Mavericks everything was okay. 

After restarting “Poof” Data gone. The WD Raid Manager kicked in and all was lost. Now there is one partition called EFI and one called MyBook.

Interestingly my USB Stick, which was connected too, showed three volumes, instead of one (EFI, OSX Boot, Data). 


Edit: I checked the MyBook with the HD Utility from OS X. It told me that the Partition Scheme was damaged. So I repaired it. After that I wanted to make sure, that the RAID 1 was still working. So I started the RAID Manager from WD and build a new RAID 1. Guess what? After finishing there was the EFI Partition visible again and the HD Utility told me again, that the Partition Scheme was damaged. For me this looks really like that the WD RAID Manager is the culprit. I uninstalled it and hope that my RAID is working nevertheless. At the moment I make a new backup of my System…

At this point I would like to know if WD and Apple geniuses are working on ANY, ANY way of reversing what went wrong to bring the original volume back and yet they are still silent.

I never saw anything like this. It’s just a hard drive for god’s sake! It is unbelievable that the drive is erased without any warning! It is unbelievable that WD did not test their software on prerelease Mavericks! I still don’t see any warning on both WD and Apple web sites!

I am in the same situation, cannot find any data on the My Book Studio, this is ridiculus.

I am also using Maverick I wish I never upgraded.

If this does not get resolved soon I will never buy WD product again, even though up till now I have had no problem in the past, but I have not got the time or patience to put up with this. I am running a business and now I cannot get some files, just great


One question: Was the WD Software installed on your Systems? As I wrote, in my opinion it looks like the Software is to blame. Seems it kicked in and destroyed the Partition Scheme. Sort of incompatibility with 10.9 I guess.

At the moment I am running my WD MyBook Studio II again. It works flawlessly with 10.9 again. But I uninstalled all WD Software from my Mac. Had a few restarts since then and everything is fine.

I “ONLY” lost 2 years of backup…

I opened up a support ticket at WD. I am curious how they will respond. Yesterday I phoned wit Apple Care. I talked to 2lv support. And no one there ever heard of this problem with 10.9. So the ball is with WD I think…

I think it really is a desaster that they did not test their Software. I even checked back with their Support Site before updating to 10.9. They wrote, that everything is compatible…

I opened up a support ticket yesterday and am waiting for the reply.

I installed WD Drive Manager on my MAC. I think that’s the only way to configure WD MyBook Studio II as a RAID 1.

There’s not only backup data in it. There’s important data in it and that’s why I use it as RAID 1!

I’m very very disappointed at WD. There’s not any reminder or discription about the issue. Mavericks has been released 9 preview editions!

Another issue with WD warranty now.

As per my original post my My Book Studio II defaulted itself suddenly 5 days after installation of Mavericks and after two dozens or so shutdowns, restarts and cold starts.

Contacted tech support on Oct 6 - case # [Deleted] and after a lot of tests and tries got the RMA# [Deleted]

WD received my drive on Oct 17

On Oct 25 I contacted tech support for the update and was told that the delay in sending the replacement is due to the lack of WDH2Q4000’s in the inventory and was offered a My Book Live Duo or the Thunderbolt one as replacement - I agreed and was put on hold for several minutes.

After several minutes on hold I was told that another WDH2Q4000 was found in “different inventory” and will be shipped to me on Monday, Oct 28.

Today, Oct 28 I checked my RMA status and it was updated with shipping info for the perlacement unit. And here is the problem:

My failed unit was purchased in May 2013 and had a warranty until May 2016 - the serial number [Deleted], you can check yourself.

The shipped replacement unit has a serial number [Deleted] with the warranty expiration date 2/25/2014 - it means it is a unit which was already used more than 2 years longer than mine. It also means that disks inside will just die very soon.

Called the support and was told that warranty on replacement unit will be extended to the same expiration date as my original unit. When asked in the replacement unit got new disks inside I was told that not, they are old ones but “recertified”. I furious about getting “recertified” disks and more than 2 years older replacement unit - I don’t care that warranty will be extended. It is not about the warranty!!

My original unit had over 1.3 TB data on it, including over 900 GB of iTunes library. Yes, I can redownload content of iTunes library, but it will take few months worth of my ISP monthly usage cap or I will pay extra charges for exceeding my cap. Not mentioning that 900+ GB will take a long time to download. And then the old, “recertified” disks inside the unit will likely die anyway. Then I will get new RMA and another “recertified” unit, who knows how old.

I expected and still expect better from WD - if the RAID controller failed in my less than 5 months old unit I expect getting a new or at least newer replacement unit, not over 2 years older!!!

Shame to WD for treating customers so badly.

Same to me. All data are gone after installing the Maverisks. I can read the content after installing Maverisks. But after I start my iMac tonite, all data are gone. But, the data in other WD external disk are still there. Only the one with raid 1 are gone.

I have many years photos there. All are gone?  ><‘’‘’   

Yes, all your data is corrupted, not gone, but almost same as

HERE IS THE error code-----  Writing lastMountVersion as FSK as caused by the WD HD software with RAID drives

I’ve seen that before and it’s discussed here a bit

MAC operating system has a feature of journaling the file system due to which the chances of fault flexibility together with providing protection to the file system preventing from the hardware failure incidents and sudden power turn off. The journal plays vital role comprising all the confidential information that are required by the MAC operating system so that it could be returned to the previous working station.

These journals being vital component of the MAC operating system if gets corrupted, leads into serial results. It may turn the whole data inaccessible by means of turning the volume unmountable. Once user undergoes such disaster the only thing that leads to recover the situation is the valid backup as the data can be restored and the corrupted can be removed from the hard disk without being worried about the data loss issue.

While the corruption is encountered in the HFS volume of the MAC operating system then error that is encountered with the user is stated below:-

HFS(3): Journal replay fail. Writing lastMountVersion as FSK!

jnl: is_clean: journal magic is bad (0x1fd17 != 0x4a4e4c78)

HFS: late jnl init: failed to open/create the journal (retval 0).

jnl: open: journal magic is bad (0x1fd17 != 0x4a4e4c78)

While the corrupted HFS + volume is attempted to be mounted, the above shown error triggers on the screen. The corruption of journal being the major cause turns often turns to smash up the entire MAC volume to an extent along with damaging the command line. Although you may find the disk utility option as well as the command line application facilitated in the MAC operating system which you may use in order to get the issue resolved. If possible try disabling journal and further turning it on.

No. Not gone. Nothing is gon on a HD unless you format it. The files are just not ordered. If you do a recovery search with an external software (deep scanning) the data will be found, but no names and no structure - all jumbled up. 

If you pay a lot of money to a recovery company I bet they have some fancy software that can recover the data as it was before. 

I still have warranty on my WD, and  I care more about my data than my WD, so if there´s going to be recovery made, I want the person who wrote the bad software in apple och WD to pay for it. 

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Another victim here. I would very much appreciate if anyone had success recovering data using a certain procedure or application.

Update: I am running Disk Drill. it does find my lost files (7.5 hours remaining), but all directory structures and file names are gone. The app comes with an $89 price tag, but you can scan for free, so if you have precious data this might be one way to go. Hoping for better suggestions though.

I’ll to this thread. I have also lost all my data!

Two WD MyBook Studio II 2TB drives, setup as RAID1 1TB space. First one been working fine for over a year, second one only bought in August and recently set up.

After Installing 10.9 OS X Mavericks, I saw one afternoon that both drives had started to show as MyBook instead of the drive name i had assigned. On the first time i saw this there was also two drives called EFI.

Restarting the Mac and the drives resulting in the same MyBook drive mounting which was blank.

I’m hoping that my data still exists somewhere, not sure if it worth taking out the actually physical drive (especially the one over a year old) and seeing if it will mount on a new enclosure?

I have opened a Support case, but am so upset i don’t think i would ever buy from Western Digital again!

For docking into new casing, read what PlotinusVeritas says in this thread.

I’m getting a callback on my support case soon, see if it helps. 

Yeah, but he’s a bit of a wacko… :laughing:

To all who have this problem:

Thanks for the warning. I have 4 Studio II drives and 2 Mac-formatted “black” Mirror drives (all 2 TB, Raid 1, used with Time Machine) and just wanted to upgrade to Mavericks when I read this thread.


  1. Could it be that it’s firmware version dependent? (Which version do you have on your drives?)

(I had problems  updating the firmware.)

  1. When you encountered the problem, did you try to backup to your drive, when there was already a backup on it? For example previously used by Time Machine and tried to continue to use under Mavericks? Or did you use an *empty* drive?

BTW Under I can no longer find the download for  WD Drive Manager v2.2.7 with WD RAID Manager Version 1.1.4 of 09 October 2012.

As far as I remember it said it’s compatible with Mac OS 10.9.

Interesting, yes it did say it was compatible with Mavericks (WD you have a lot ot answer for) especially as i downloaded from that very page just 2 days ago to get the ‘uninstaller’ part of it.

I haven’t connected the drives back up so cannot prove which firmware i am on, however, i did download the 

updater 2 days ago, in the hope that it might bring my data back, and the software said i was already on the ‘current’ version, so i did not continue.

I can not believe that even having my data mirrored in RAID1 set up that the WD software has just gone ahead and deleted my data!

Help WD, please give some answers.

I had the same issue, but my drives were not MyBook units, just WD Green drives.

I had a OSX Mountain Lion where i’ve only used the Universal Firmware Updater, months ago. Not any other WD software and nothing in Applications from WD.

Upgraded to OSX Mavericks and then connected a Orico usb3 dock with two WD drives on it, one WD Green and one WD Red. The WD Green has been automatically formatted to a “MyBook” volume, while the WD RED is untouched with all his data. Then i’ve deleted the four WD files from /library/extensions and rebooted. Connected the dock with a new out-of-the-box (ntfs formatted i think) WD Green drive. The system immediately formatted it as a “MyBook” volume as well.

As for my experience, there is something left in the system from the WD firmware updater that act weird with OSX Mavericks and initializes any WD Green drive attached.

Probably a fresh install of Mavericks with no WD software on it is safe.

As for lost data, i encourage WD to give a working recovery tool, free and now.

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No, I have emailed Plotinus, its a 40 year old woman named Kelly :smileyvery-happy:.  Apparently she used to be a hardware engineer.

The problem now is confirmed its the wacky WD software, becasuse people with even Seagate RAID setups are getting forked because they have WD software installed.

I’ve seen 4 reports of people with no RAID externals getting hosed on USB single drives just because they have the WD junkware installed.