Alignment tool and instralling my new WD2500HHTZ - System: Windows 7 Pro 32 Bit -

My system is: WD2500HHTZ - System: Windows 7 Pro 32 Bit  - Asus Sabertooth Board - 320 WD Blue and 750 black

 I want to replace my boot 320 blue  (The Boot Drive) with my new WD2500HHTZ - . AF 64MB cach, 10k drive.

I have read that  XP requires jumper 7/8 to align other drives and my raptor: Would this also be true of 32 bit win 7 ?

Will I be able to install this drive and move system from old C  drive (Blue 320 Drive) to the Raptor and if so, do I need to set jumpers  to make it all work together ?  If so are they the same as XP (7/8 ) or different ?

I also have external 1 TB WD USB Drive, used to store photos and music, SHLOUD IT BE RUNNING  WHEN I MAKE THE CHANGE ?

I have never used the ADVANCED FORMAT DRIVES, in the past and I want to insure that I don’t screw up my nearly perfect computer with this change. I’m just looking to improve photoshop usage and boot time without the expense of an SSD

Any help will be appreciated:


No need to run alignment on Win 7

check this info

The chart shows yes on Windows 7 box, IF CLONING TO WINDOWS 7  use the tool if no 9.6 driver installed.??