Align wd20ears to windows 7

my drive is aligned for windows xp

but i dont use xp anymore and i only have windows 7 in my computers

what can i do to get the best performance please

Hi dude, what if you try the ADV Format Software on WD’s download section?

Hope it helps!

the only solution that i found is to format using windows xp and and after that use align tool

windows 7 format says its aligned but it looses performance!!  beware people

How are you using the drive?  Storage?  System?  Did you have the jumper set on it, when you aligned it on XP?  Also, did you try to reformat it in 7?

i didnt have a jumper

if i format it normaly under windows 7 i will get 80 MBs writing and 30 MBs reading

if i format it under windows xp i will have 80MBs writing and reading  Before and after using the align tool

even if not aligned ( formated by windows xp) strangely the drive has normal performance i have tested that… but to be sure i have aligned it and has the same performance after

the only problem is formatting with windows 7 … something wrong in windows 7

You know, I’m not aware of anything wrong with Windows 7.  I actually checked this out.  You should be able to use the drive on 7 even though it’s been formatted and aligned on XP.  Have you tried that, and if so what was the read /write speed on it?

The other thing is, when you formatted it on 7, did you delete the partition and repartition and format it?  Or did you just reformat?  You may want to try that.