Alienware and 3.0 USB MyBook Essential 3TB ERRORS!

I recently purchased two Alienware M17x R4 notebooks and immediately see I have problems with the Western Digital Hard Drives. My 3.0 USB MyBooks are only reading at USB 2.0 speeds when plugged into the USB 3.0 ports. Also, I have to uyse a USB hub either 2.0 or 3.0 hub in order for the MyBook Essential 3TB HDD to remain “connected” and usable. I believe I have updated all of the firmware and drivers available. I have warranty, but it seems there is a lot of information about conflicts and recommendations to update drivers, and that neither dell nor WD want to address this problem. There is apparently a motherboard circuittry issue with teh ASlienware machines that is not compatible with the WD drives?

I own 5 Dell XPS machines and like I said, I just bought two Alienware machines. My company owns umpteen WD MYBook hard drives and I am really, really upset that the 3.0 USB ports don’t work at 3.0 USB speeds and I am unable to use 3.0 USB HDD’s without using a powered hub, and still… NO USB 3.0 speeds!

Well if the drives works on your Dells but not on your Alienware then the problem is obviously in the Alienware. WD does not recommend using hubs. If this is a desktop make sure you are using a port on the back. USB seems to have a lot of problems. Check the power options and make sure sleep isn’t abled for USB 3.0 . You can also try deleting the USB drivers and reload them and seem if that helps. Sometimes loading software seems to mess up the USB 3.0 drivers. If you can’t resolve the problem contact who ever sold you the Alienware machines.