Alert: Possible security issue noticed with WD Quick View on MAC

I have a MyBook Live Duo Network drive which I use with my mac.
I noticed that when I try to shut down the drive via WD Quick View software on
my MAC OS 10.5.8, the system password and the password for the drive are displayed in plain text
in the system.log file which is easily visible to anyone who can have access to the mac.

I haven’t yet checked, but I believe same thing may be happening when you enter password for any function in WD QuickView.

I believe it’s a major security issue.

Haven’t checked on other OSes, but I guess it happens on all, Can other MAC OS users confirm that? I have emailed 

WD support. But thought of alerting fellow members here who should be extra careful when using these network drives until WD comes out with a fix. 


Thanks for sharing that with us.

We sent a notification to our lab to check into that.