Alert message from your MyBookLive

Hi all and if I this topic has been covered then I must apologise and ask that I be pointed in the right direction.
I keep getting the following email message with the following topic and content.

“[My Cloud Alert] Alert message from your MyBookLive”

"Following events are generated on your MyBookLive .
Event title:System restart
Event description:The system has restarted.
Event code:2001
Event time:01-27-2021 08:04:12 PM

Firmware version: 02.43.10-048
Event title:Temperature normal
Event description:The system temperature is within the normal specified temperature range.
Event code:2003
Event time:01-27-2021 02:12:29 AM

Firmware version: 02.43.10-048
Event title:????????
Event description:????????
Event code:
Event time:01-26-2021 07:12:10 PM"

Not sure what is happening. Anybody have any info or ideas.
Your help would be appreciated

There is a dedicated support subforum for the My Book Live. You will likely have better luck there with your question/issue. This subforum, OS5 My Cloud, deals with a completely different device.

My Book LIve