Album track order for soundtouch

Hi - can anyone help me please?

I have a MyBook Live which is connected to Bose sound system using Soundtouch. Everything works fine, except for the album track ordering is in alphabetic order.

When I use My Cloud - everything is in the correct order i.e. by track number.

Soundtouch advise is that i need to configure my NAS.

any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I cannot solve your problem, but I can tell you the Bose system is the cause of the issue. It is playing music via DLNA and not by SMB. You need to ask at the Bose forum how to set the Bose device not to play via DLNA and play via SMB instead.

Thanks Mike.

I’ve spoken to Bose, who say it is down to their SoundTouch app and there is currently no plans to upgrade it to allow you to listen to the songs in your albums in the the correct order. If I’d known this before hand, I would have gone for a different sound system.

Awaiting a call back from one of their guys to talk about a workaround. Such a basic requirement!


If you play the music from drive on a mobile phone or tablet using an app such as the My Cloud app or VLC you can play in alpha order. The WD just does it. VLC app can too if you select source by SMB and you can send music stream via bluetooth to another player. There ia also a computer version of VLC. Good luck.

Thanks Mike.

Yes, up until now I have been using Bluetooth connection to a single speaker at a time, using My Cloud. To get the most out of the system the speakers need to be networked with the WD and controlled via SoundTouch and that’s when I run into the problem!! Hopefully they bring out a fix soon!


This has been a Bose problem for many years so don’t expect much of a fix from them.