Album sort

I cannot sort the albums I want to share to third people in the correct order. I sorted out in way, and the other party (not MyCloud subscriber) sees all photos in mixed order. It’s a mess sharing an album under this condition.

How is the “not MyCloud subscriber” accessing the My Cloud? Using the web portal? Using Plex? Or using some other method? If possible share a screen capture of what you see and what others are seeing so people here can understand exactly what you are talking/asking about. You should also indicate your specific My Cloud model and what firmware it’s currently running.

It likely will depend on exactly how (what program or app) the other people are accessing the albums. One may have to ensure they’ve properly tagged the metadata if using Twonky Media Server or possibly even Plex Media Server. Plenty of programs out there to tag metadata, MediaMonkey and MP3Tag are two popular programs for tagging music/media files. Or ensure that the artist and album’s are properly named.

If you are not using a single bay/single drive OS5 My Cloud device you may want to see the specific subforum for your OS5 My Cloud device.

OS5 My Cloud Model Subforums