Album covers in photos

Since the last update I have hundreds of music album covers coming up in my photos when I select play all photos.

Every second photo is an album cover?

Very frustrating as you like album covers when choosing music but it shouldn’t cross into the photos???

I cannot delete the album covers as I can’t find the file or folder the jpegs are in???

I searched them on my harddrive and thought i had deleted a file called Albumart but it says its deleted off my harddrive but they still come up when i play all photos on the media player and i cant find them anywhere on the media players file management folders?

is this a software problem?? Why do album covers from music show in photos when you are playing random photos??

Anyone else experiencing this ? 

Is this USB Attached storage / NAS / File Shares?

If it’s the latter two, that’s a known issue.    It’ll show you all media in a folder regardless of whether you select Audio / Video / Photos.

If it’s USB attached storage, it might be that the database is corrupted.

Album art is often stored INSIDE MP3 files as one of the extended MP3 tags.