Album Art

Hi im new here and i just purchased a first generation wd media player. I know the the newer wd tv live players support dvd covert art for movies. Does the first gen player support dvd cover art for movies?


Is there a link on how to add album art to it

Oddly enough, the current revision of the Gen1/Gen2 Manual available from the WD website says that thumbnails are supported, but doesn’t really tell you how to get them to appear (or I would have mentioned it in my other post – I thought the instructions were there).

To get folder artwork, that folder needs to contain a _ “folder.jpg” _ image file.

To get file artwork, that folder needs to contain a .jpg image named identically to the media file.


Bond Bovies

    1962 - Dr. No.mkv

    1962 - Dr. No.jpg



Batman Movies


I believe if you don’t include the folder.jpg file, then the folder thumbnail will default to the first video file thumbnail it finds within that folder, so if each folder only has one movie, I don’t think you need 2 versions of the art – I think you can just use the moviename.jpg file and not bother including a “folder.jpg” file as well.

one more question, it has the oringinal firmware that came on it. How do i find the firmware because they don’t support this player any more? the model number is wdavn00bn.

At the WD site, if you go “Support --> Legacy Products --> Home Entertainment” and then choose the Gen1 from the drop-down list (it’s the only choice) and click “Go” you’ll be taken to this page:

On that page you can navigate to the update page ( and find the download link for the 1.03 firmware.

Ok i got everything going good, but does this first gen model support wifi adapters?

Not with the stock WD firmware.

With third-party firmware, there is limited support for WiFi… I’ve never tried it, but from what I gather there are very few USB dongles that are compatible with the WDLXTV firmware – far fewer than the rather limited set available to the Live/Live Plus/ Live Hub.