Album art (JPEGs) in Photos... how can I remove them?

I copied all my music from my PC to theHDD of the WDTVLH, but now that the media library has indexed, all of the album art (covers) which were stored along with each album are showing in the Photos section.

Is there a way to have the media library ignore these particular JPEGs?

No, not exactly. But you can filter by folders and thus avoid browsing them…



I’m considering getting one of these (I currently have the TV Live) and wondered if you can browse the album art/film cover art in the thumbnail mode like you can with the TV Live.

By the way is the ‘hub’ any good?

Not quite the same.   

The “Closest” analog to it is the Gallery View, but it’s actually quite a bit different; it displays a row of thumbnails across the bottom of the screen (7, I think) and when you choose one, the rest of the screen fills with information you fetch from the internet:  Synopsis, Cast, Director, Rating, etc. etc.   The background also changes to show movie posters.

The “Grid Views” are a mix of Thumbnails and a box that indicates the FIlename (or Title), the Watched status, your ranking, Favorite Status, etc.   There are two such views, one that is 3x3 and one that is 4x4.  

If you’re so inclined, you can edit the XML structure of the menus to show a view that’s very similar to the Live/Live+ Thumbnail View, but it takes the place of the Gallery View.   So for now, you can choose one or the other.

Here’s a scrape of the GRID View, that’s been slightly modified by me:  The normal view is Black on White, this is White on Black.  In this view, there is NO background; just a black background.


Here’s my own home-made Thumbnail view:


As to if the Hub is “Any Good?”  That’s a rather subjective question.    I like mine quite a lot.   It does have its share of bugs, though.

billyhot wrote:



I’m considering getting one of these (I currently have the TV Live) and wondered if you can browse the album art/film cover art in the thumbnail mode like you can with the TV Live.


By the way is the ‘hub’ any good?



    • *> My own take is that unless you have an overriding need for an NAS/Live combo, I’d stick with another Live.> My Hub sits in a room that is seldom used for TV viewing (but my three Live units are used all the time).  I really really miss the “thumbnail” view of the Live on the Hub.


Thanks, that’s great info. They all seem to come with their fair share of bugs. I am hoping they will bring this out as a 2TB version soon.

It’s largely the fact that it has an integrated hard drive that appeals to me. It would also appear from the previous post that you can modify it so that the thumbnail view is the same.

That’s correct.    I’ve asked WD to enable File Attachments for users; when that’s done, I’ll just upload the modified XML.

Otherwise, I’ll have to paste the text here.

TonyPh12345 wrote:

That’s correct.    I’ve asked WD to enable File Attachments for users; when that’s done, I’ll just upload the modified XML.


Otherwise, I’ll have to paste the text here.



You could always just throw the files on a file sharing service (i.e., and provide a link to them.  :robotwink:

I know; I just can’t stand those services.  :)

I have just purchased the Hub, and am using it to play movies from a NAS. I would love to set up thumbnails just like the ones you are using. I have no experience at all in doing so. Is there in any way you could give me a short tutorial to get me going? I have no idea where to start.

On the hub, it’s pretty simple. You just use the Get Info menu item, and the rest is automatic. :slight_smile:

How would I go about changing the XML file to change my “Gallery” view to your “Home Made Thumbnail” view? I’m a WDTV newb and can’t even find where the XML file would be for that.

Thank you so much in advance…

jandrus wrote:

How would I go about changing the XML file to change my “Gallery” view to your “Home Made Thumbnail” view? I’m a WDTV newb and can’t even find where the XML file would be for that.


Thank you so much in advance…

Here’s the XML code you’ll need.

Use it at your own risk…

If you’re not comfortable playing with the internals of the hub, don’t even try.

Step 1>  On your HUB, go download and APPLY the “Legacy” theme from the Hub’s Online Database.

Step 2>  Connect to your HUB’s internal drive via a PC.

Step 3>  In your Explorer window, navigate to the Hub path:  .wd-tv\themes\Legacy

Step 4>  REPLACE the contents of the file called rv_gallery_browse_page.xml

with the contents below.

If you’re looking at the WDTV when you do this, you’ll need to completely back out to the MAIN MENU and then go back in so it refreshes its XML cache.   Then, set the VIEW mode to the GALLERY VIEW using the yellow button.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<page background="./image/RV-BG.jpg">
<!-- Modified Legacy Theme by tonyph12345 -->

        <include filename="./rv_multi_edit_ctrls.xml"/>
        <include filename="./rv_browse_common_ctrls.xml"/>
        <listbox valkey="browselist" move="row" cols="7" rows="2" lbmask="ud" hormove="1" loop_scroll="1" autoenter="1"/>

<text x="155" y="572" w="970" h="42" text="@@browse_text" fontsize="40" textcolor="0xffffff" align="hcenter" speed="1" delay="2"/>

<image image="@@metadata_left_arrow" x="57" y="338" w="39" h="53" align="hcenter" scale_type="fixratio" scale="100"/>
<image image="@@metadata_right_arrow" x="1180" y="338" w="39" h="53" align="hcenter" scale_type="fixratio" scale="100"/>

<widgetghost valkey="marquee" x="29" y="168" w="1226" h="386" ctrlname="browselist" step="20">

<!--thumbnail bg -->
<wrapper w="122" h="169" align="hcenter" scale_type="fixratio" scale="100" selected_scale="100">
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_0" x="143" y="176" active="@@act-browselist-0" disable="@@bg_disable_0"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_1" x="289" y="176" active="@@act-browselist-1" disable="@@bg_disable_1"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_2" x="435" y="176" active="@@act-browselist-2" disable="@@bg_disable_2"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_3" x="581" y="176" active="@@act-browselist-3" disable="@@bg_disable_3"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_4" x="727" y="176" active="@@act-browselist-4" disable="@@bg_disable_4"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_5" x="873" y="176" active="@@act-browselist-5" disable="@@bg_disable_5"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_6" x="1020" y="176" active="@@act-browselist-6" disable="@@bg_disable_6"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_7" x="143" y="376" active="@@act-browselist-7" disable="@@bg_disable_7"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_8" x="289" y="376" active="@@act-browselist-8" disable="@@bg_disable_8"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_9" x="435" y="376" active="@@act-browselist-9" disable="@@bg_disable_9"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_10" x="581" y="376" active="@@act-browselist-10" disable="@@bg_disable_10"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_11" x="727" y="376" active="@@act-browselist-11" disable="@@bg_disable_11"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_12" x="873" y="376" active="@@act-browselist-12" disable="@@bg_disable_12"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_13" x="1020" y="376" active="@@act-browselist-13" disable="@@bg_disable_13"/>

<!--thumbnail bg_f -->
<wrapper w="134" h="187" align="hcenter" scale_type="fixratio" scale="100" selected_scale="100">
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_0" x="137" y="168" active="@@act-browselist-0" disable="@@bg_f_disable_0"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_1" x="283" y="168" active="@@act-browselist-1" disable="@@bg_f_disable_1"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_2" x="429" y="168" active="@@act-browselist-2" disable="@@bg_f_disable_2"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_3" x="575" y="168" active="@@act-browselist-3" disable="@@bg_f_disable_3"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_4" x="721" y="168" active="@@act-browselist-4" disable="@@bg_f_disable_4"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_5" x="867" y="168" active="@@act-browselist-5" disable="@@bg_f_disable_5"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_6" x="1013" y="168" active="@@act-browselist-6" disable="@@bg_f_disable_6"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_7" x="137" y="368" active="@@act-browselist-7" disable="@@bg_f_disable_7"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_8" x="283" y="368" active="@@act-browselist-8" disable="@@bg_f_disable_8"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_9" x="429" y="368" active="@@act-browselist-9" disable="@@bg_f_disable_9"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_10" x="575" y="368" active="@@act-browselist-10" disable="@@bg_f_disable_10"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_11" x="721" y="368" active="@@act-browselist-11" disable="@@bg_f_disable_11"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_12" x="867" y="368" active="@@act-browselist-12" disable="@@bg_f_disable_12"/>
    <image image="@@rv_browse_page_bg_13" x="1013" y="368" active="@@act-browselist-13" disable="@@bg_f_disable_13"/>

<!--selected item-->
<wrapper w="122" h="169" align="hcenter" scale_type="fixratio" scale="100" selected_scale="100">
    <image image="@@checked_0" x="143" y="176" active="@@@@act-browselist-0"/>
    <image image="@@checked_1" x="289" y="176" active="@@@@act-browselist-1"/>
    <image image="@@checked_2" x="435" y="176" active="@@@@act-browselist-2"/>
    <image image="@@checked_3" x="581" y="176" active="@@@@act-browselist-3"/>
    <image image="@@checked_4" x="727" y="176" active="@@@@act-browselist-4"/>
    <image image="@@checked_5" x="873" y="176" active="@@@@act-browselist-5"/>
    <image image="@@checked_6" x="1020" y="176" active="@@@@act-browselist-6"/>
    <image image="@@checked_7" x="143" y="376" active="@@act-browselist-7"/>
    <image image="@@checked_8" x="289" y="376" active="@@act-browselist-8"/>
    <image image="@@checked_9" x="435" y="376" active="@@act-browselist-9"/>
    <image image="@@checked_10" x="581" y="376" active="@@act-browselist-10"/>
    <image image="@@checked_11" x="727" y="376" active="@@act-browselist-11"/>
    <image image="@@checked_12" x="873" y="376" active="@@act-browselist-12"/>
    <image image="@@checked_13" x="1020" y="376" active="@@act-browselist-13"/>

<!--thumbnail -->
<wrapper w="114" h="161" align="hcenter" scale="100" scale_type="fixratio" selected_scale="100">
    <image name="th0" image="@@browse_0_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_0" x="147" y="180" active="@@act-browselist-0" disable="@@thumbnail_disable_0"/>
    <image name="th1" image="@@browse_1_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_1" x="293" y="180" active="@@act-browselist-1" disable="@@thumbnail_disable_1"/>
    <image name="th2" image="@@browse_2_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_2" x="439" y="180" active="@@act-browselist-2" disable="@@thumbnail_disable_2"/>
    <image name="th3" image="@@browse_3_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_3" x="585" y="180" active="@@act-browselist-3" disable="@@thumbnail_disable_3"/>
    <image name="th4" image="@@browse_4_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_4" x="731" y="180" active="@@act-browselist-4" disable="@@thumbnail_disable_4"/>
    <image name="th5" image="@@browse_5_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_5" x="877" y="180" active="@@act-browselist-5" disable="@@thumbnail_disable_5"/>
    <image name="th6" image="@@browse_6_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_6" x="1023" y="180" active="@@act-browselist-6" disable="@@thumbnail_disable_6"/>
    <image name="th7" image="@@browse_7_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_7" x="147" y="380" active="@@act-browselist-7" disable="@@thumbnail_disable_7"/>
    <image name="th8" image="@@browse_8_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_8" x="293" y="380" active="@@act-browselist-8" disable="@@thumbnail_disable_8"/>
    <image name="th9" image="@@browse_9_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_9" x="439" y="380" active="@@act-browselist-9" disable="@@thumbnail_disable_9"/>
    <image name="th10" image="@@browse_10_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_10" x="585" y="380" active="@@act-browselist-10" disable="@@thumbnail_disable_10"/>
    <image name="th11" image="@@browse_11_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_11" x="731" y="380" active="@@act-browselist-11" disable="@@thumbnail_disable_11"/>
    <image name="th12" image="@@browse_12_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_12" x="877" y="380" active="@@act-browselist-12" disable="@@thumbnail_disable_12"/>
    <image name="th13" image="@@browse_13_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_13" x="1023" y="380" active="@@act-browselist-13" disable="@@thumbnail_disable_13"/>

<!--thumbnaili_f -->
<wrapper w="126" h="179" align="hcenter" scale="100" scale_type="fixratio" selected_scale="100">
    <image name="th0_f" image="@@browse_0_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_0" x="141" y="172" active="@@act-browselist-0" disable="@@thumbnail_f_disable_0"/>
    <image name="th1_f" image="@@browse_1_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_1" x="287" y="172" active="@@act-browselist-1" disable="@@thumbnail_f_disable_1"/>
    <image name="th2_f" image="@@browse_2_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_2" x="433" y="172" active="@@act-browselist-2" disable="@@thumbnail_f_disable_2"/>
    <image name="th3_f" image="@@browse_3_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_3" x="579" y="172" active="@@act-browselist-3" disable="@@thumbnail_f_disable_3"/>
    <image name="th4_f" image="@@browse_4_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_4" x="725" y="172" active="@@act-browselist-4" disable="@@thumbnail_f_disable_4"/>
    <image name="th5_f" image="@@browse_5_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_5" x="871" y="172" active="@@act-browselist-5" disable="@@thumbnail_f_disable_5"/>
    <image name="th6_f" image="@@browse_6_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_6" x="1018" y="172" active="@@act-browselist-6" disable="@@thumbnail_f_disable_6"/>
    <image name="th7_f" image="@@browse_7_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_7" x="141" y="372" active="@@act-browselist-7" disable="@@thumbnail_f_disable_7"/>
    <image name="th8_f" image="@@browse_8_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_8" x="287" y="372" active="@@act-browselist-8" disable="@@thumbnail_f_disable_8"/>
    <image name="th9_f" image="@@browse_9_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_9" x="433" y="372" active="@@act-browselist-9" disable="@@thumbnail_f_disable_9"/>
    <image name="th10_f" image="@@browse_10_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_10" x="579" y="372" active="@@act-browselist-10" disable="@@thumbnail_f_disable_10"/>
    <image name="th11_f" image="@@browse_11_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_11" x="725" y="372" active="@@act-browselist-11" disable="@@thumbnail_f_disable_11"/>
    <image name="th12_f" image="@@browse_12_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_12" x="871" y="372" active="@@act-browselist-12" disable="@@thumbnail_f_disable_12"/>
    <image name="th13_f" image="@@browse_13_thumbnail" default_image="@@default_thumbnail_13" x="1018" y="372" active="@@act-browselist-13" disable="@@thumbnail_f_disable_13"/>

<!--focus -->
<wrapper y="448" w="134" h="187" align="hcenter" scale_type="fixratio" scale="100">
    <image image="@@frame_0" x="137" y="168"/>
    <image image="@@frame_1" x="283" y="168"/>
    <image image="@@frame_2" x="429" y="168"/>
    <image image="@@frame_3" x="575" y="168"/>
    <image image="@@frame_4" x="721" y="168"/>
    <image image="@@frame_5" x="867" y="168"/>
    <image image="@@frame_6" x="1013" y="168"/>
    <image image="@@frame_7" x="137" y="368"/>
    <image image="@@frame_8" x="283" y="368"/>
    <image image="@@frame_9" x="429" y="368"/>
    <image image="@@frame_10" x="575" y="368"/>
    <image image="@@frame_11" x="721" y="368"/>
    <image image="@@frame_12" x="867" y="368"/>
    <image image="@@frame_13" x="1013" y="368"/>

<image image="@@bg-PIP_ZOOM" x="620" y="250" w="49" h="42" disable="@@disable-PIP_ZOOM" active="@@act-PIP_ZOOM"/>
<image image="@@play_stat" x="787" y="406" w="35" h="40"/>
<image image="@@speed_stat" x="823" y="414" w="39" h="21"/>

<text x="450" y="160" w="372" h="26" text="@@text-options" fontsize="24" textcolor="0x07b5ff" align="hcenter" disable="@@disable-text-options"/>
<include filename="./rv_multi_edit_widgets_for_gallery.xml"/>
<include filename="./rv_browse_common_widgets_new.xml"/>
<include filename="./inc_loading.xml"/>
<include filename="./decoration.xml"/>
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Worked! Thanks so much.

Is there a way to get it on the original theme (non Legacy)?

Now that the GPL code has been released, you can get the Mochi theme out of that package and store it on the drive in case you want to modify it instead of Legacy.

Do NOT install the FIRMWARE, just use that image to pull the Mochi theme out of the UI files.

Got It!

Once again thank you for your help.

Now that the GPL code has been released, you can get the Mochi theme out of that package and store it on the drive in case you want to modify it instead of Legacy.

Thanks! for the tip!

I downloaded the and extracted the Mochi theme out of the package and did all the modifications that you have shared with us - It works like a charm! :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally like Tony’s modifications too… I do like the modified Gallery view which you made for WDTV Live Hub.

Excellent work… Now only if we can make those eye popping movie backdrops made available locally instead of using internet access that would be a dream come true! :wink:


With best wishes!


Thanks for the tip on Gallery View, makes my hub that much better!  I am having a slight problem that I can’t track down though.  In gallery view, when I am cycling through the 2 horizontal rows, everything for the first 12 titles is ok.  I see the cover highlighted at the appropriate time and only one cover is highlighted.  When I go to move the ‘cursor’ over the 13th title though, I do not see it highlighted.  I can select the movie knowing that the cursor is there, but it’s just not highlighted.  Now the interesting part is that when I move the cursor over the 14th movie, both the 13th and 14th movies get highlighted.

I’m sure I have missed a line from your code somewhere, but I’ve been looking at the xml for 2 days and can’t see it.  Is there a particular line in the xml that hanldes this functionality?

Thanks much for the awesome view.