Album art and Photographs mixed up

Is there anyway to stop MyCloud thumbnailing my album art in the myphotos android app.?

I have a very large collection of photos, mostly NEF (raw which don’t work on WD Photos) files and quite a lot in JPG, and an even larger collection of music which all have album art, some upto 7 jpg’s per ablum.

All these album art files end up showing as photographs on the android app making it impossible to use it as a photo viewer.

ufraw is a linux app which allows NEF files to thumbnail preview, so there is functionality to make NEF files viewable.

And it would be nice if there was some way of restricting the thumbnailer from certain folders.


Please add this to the ideas board to see if that can be implemented on a future update.

Link to ideas:

It should not need to be implemented as a new feature. It used to work exactly that way with the MyBook Live. The My Photo app would only look at pictures that were in the shared pictures directory. Now it seems to look at all shared folders with no way to tell it not to.
Western Digital needs to put it back to the way it worked in the past.

That would limit where users are able to put pictures, though. I don’t use the ‘shared media’ areas at all, because I found they caused trouble for Twonky (in fact, Twonky uses them for aggregated media collections).

Also , the ‘shared media’ folders are in the Public share, and users may not want them to be public.

What is needed is an exclude list, like Twonky uses.

Either that, or use the MyCloud app, and access by folder, rather than aggregating media into simple, by type navigation. Personally, I find the tendency for apps to do that unhelpful, and rather dumb down the interface. Apple does it, Windows does it, and a number of file manager apps on Android do it. I don’t use the mode on any device where a more conventional view is available.