Alaska Resurface [WDTV LIVE HUB & SMP]


Hello Joey Smyth, thank you for your very great work!! i like and use your themes!

can you make the same as 4 Dark Themes to include “Backdrops” but in GRID themes please?!

because i tried to use your patch for grid it works but some link are broken like WEATHER.

and there is in the left up corner a number like 1/5 (depends of the number of shortcuts and which is selected) 

This counter shouldn’t appear. 

i hope you will find time to do this. 

sorry for my poor english.

have a good day. 


i have no plans to modify the theme for the GRID UI … because honestly, i don’t have the time or motivation. sorry.


it’s a pity but thank you for your answer and your great work :slight_smile:


I have a small issue and maybe you can help me with that

I have 4 external Harddrives connected to the WDTV (working with a belkin-hub): 2 Movie HDs, 1 for TV-Series and 1 for Music.
Is it possible to give each HD a certain thumbnail which is displayed e.g. in the Video-Menu? I tried to put a “folder,jpg” in the root, but this won’t work.

[Edit: Former 2nd question solved meanwhile]

Thanx in advance


but this issue goes well with this Western Digital?

if this is not the issue I can give the link where I can download themes for this WD please



i recently switched from kudos to this theme and added linksheets into it using the wdlxtv firmware mod. this theme is the best! definately a keeoer!!  Now  is there any way you have any genre folder covers premade or templates, fonts, etc?? thank you


feel free to design your own … or use other people’s creations

eg.  I borrowed these from Aeon Nox and resized them

Other designs here:

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ok i got it up and going nice now, thank you joey! i used movie sheet template from gbbm.  Edited Genre folders that you referenced.  Added xml edit to activate linksheets…here are screenshots of it all put together

LARGE GRID VIEW…My Favorite 2 Rows

Black Mamba Final Moviesheet

The Genre Folders I edited from your previous post


I love this theme, but had to factory reset the box.

I re applied the theme, and no matter what it stays horizontal, I uploaded every version of the dark theme but even the one labeled VERT does not work.

What am I doing wrong?


Dvdmike wrote:

I love this theme, but had to factory reset the box.

I re applied the theme, and no matter what it stays horizontal, I uploaded every version of the dark theme but even the one labeled VERT does not work.

What am I doing wrong?

i have absolutely no idea what you are talking about   :confounded:

oh  :neutral_face:    … if you’re talking about the Main Home Menu … yep, that’s Horizontal

i don’t have time or motivation for a GRID UI modification


Hi Joey, I’ve just downloaded and installed Alaska Dark and this is the first time I’ve installed a user theme so please bear with me if this is a dumb question. For some reason I cannot move on to the next page of the info in cases where the synopsis takes more than one page. Would appreciate any help. Thanks

P.S. Thanks for the lovely Theme and the easy instructions to add it to the SMP.


Are you still active here Joey?


Active on the Forum, Yes

Active on Themes, No

(all my WDTV’s boxed-up and no longer in use … now Using a Raspberry Pi 3 with Kodi (XMBC) and 4K Android TV Box)


Sounds up to date :wink:

Im still using the WD Live Hub and i thought that you can help me, if u willing to.


i’m always willing to help … what’s the question ?


Cool ! :slight_smile:

Ok, m first question is…
Is there a way or a hack to let us install a plexserver on the wd live hub.
Yes, directly on the hub, no NAS Drive, no extra computer, direct on the hub.


I have never used “Plex” in my life … i’m a XBMC / Kodi user

The WDTV Live Hub as never received any “Hacks” … (myself and some others assisted KAD79, but the Live Hub was too difficult to crack … so, No, you can’t install Plex)
The WDTV SMP had some hacks (dunno about Plex though …)

so to answer that one is … gOOgle

You CAN install Plex Client on the Raspberry Pi though


I see. Yeh i googled already, nothing really useful.

Its just that i want a theme with covers , nfo about the movies and a nice background.

So i will try to get the Simplicity Theme to work. I might have to get back to you with that one.

Atm i do have the problem with the wrong font size on images. It doesnt show it the correct way. But i will try to get it done again.


i’ve never used Simplicity Theme, that’s not my theme … plus I’ve haven’t used the abandoned “Thumbgen” software for a couple of years now, i’ll be surprised if it still works.


Yeah, im just 3-4 years late to the party i guess :wink:

But hey, the Hub still does what i need, so im still fine with that. All i need now is the movie info with nice covers.

Yesterday i found the tool “Hubflow”
You can check it out here.

Looks so simple and easy… To bad it doesnt save the generated files, lol.
I wrote the support, lets see if they still active.
But you should look at it, just for information, its seems so easy.

Is there a theme for the hub you created and would recommended? If so, just tell me the name, i will find it :slight_smile: