Alaska Resurface [WDTV LIVE HUB & SMP]



I want the version where more folders are shown in videomode. up to 20 if possible.

Is that possible to get?




That’s not my Theme… that’s “Simple” Theme by desertwedge


Gorgeous theme! I’ve noticed one tiny quirk though, and it may be something wrong on my end, but I am a bit of a novice with all of this. Basically the play button won’t work from the menu, so I am unable to play my videos continuosly, I am using a SMP if that makes any difference.


I’m using this theme for my music section. But all of my mp3 files embedded with jpg from itunes and they looks ugly (blurry) in wdtv. Is there any possiblities for me to overwrite those embedded mp3 with normal cover art in jpg format? . Oh ya… folder.jpg won’t work.

Thank you in advance.


folder.jpg works for me when i sort by pressing GreenFilterButton.png then Filter > All Albums   or  Folders

embedded art at 300x300 pixels is the prefered resolution for my theme …

can’t do much about it if  itoons  wants to embed low resolution cover art


Hi Joey thanks for the reply. For my case… folder.jpg only appeared for large cover album in song list. You know the one large cover on the left hand side while the song list is on the right hand side. However from All Album mode, the system still reads the thumbnail from embadded mp3. 

Yes I thought the same that iTunes has reduce the quality and size of jpg.


folder.jpg   … what about in Fliter > Folder  mode   (it should then display the folder image)

anyways, it is what it is … if that’s how the Firmware is coded to work, no amount of XML editing can change that

this has always been the frustration of creating themes … there is only so much that can be modified.

There’s a lot of functionality that’s coded in the firmware that simply can’t be altered.



Yes. but i want your theme, but with more folders as in screenshot. is that possible :slight_smile: ?


if you want 21 folders then download and use that theme


Hi, love your theme … the best I’ve seen so far for the SMP!

Wanted to ask if it’s possible to have the backdrops included in AlaskaDARK_V1.3_WATCHED2?


Sure (It can be done) :smiley:

but navigation speed will be reduced by 50% or more … (which i why i did’nt implement them)

also … they require Thumbgen Linksheet Creation / Custom Firmware (for SMP owners) and so on …

It’s a *simple* theme … and i prefer to keep it that way (for myself … and everyone else)

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Great Theme, I love it!

I will try this instead the Kudos I was using.



Great work! Thank you for the theme! Its very clean and beautiful! I have been reading for days and tried uploading versions of your theme and other developers themes, but no matter what I tried, including even Default Grid and Mochi Themes, and your versions of the themes the Metadata shows as N/A for Date:, Genre: Total Time:, Director:, Actor:, and Synapsys, all are N/A while you browsing a folder or you are already inside the movies folder, and all Movies show up, until you get into the certain movie folder itself, then it shows MovieSheets that I setup through ThunbGen with all Metadata showing all those values fine, only when I am in Mochi Theme obviously, when I am on your Themes since it does not have moviesheet support it shows NA for all those fields in Gallery Mode?! I read and tried a few things and it is still N/A, any idea how I fix it? Also Temperature on your main screen shows just " |" for value, no numbers for the temp (same on other Themes like PM4_WD_v1.0). I tried for hours different things and can not figure it out. Can you please help? 

I have WDTV Live SMP with 2.02.32 Than,ks!


OK I figured out the Meta part as my movies were all in same individual folders, so when I moved them to D:\Movies all in one directory The Meta info for movies came up! i am new to this. But Temperature | on Main screan still shows | and no digits for weather… Any ideas?


Need to go to services and launch accuweather. Set city and voila


Hi, PaneraiLover   … drizzt09 is correct, you need to select Services > News & Weather > AccuWeather > Settings



Wow. Stupid me. Got it! Thank you guys !


JoeySmyth wrote:

“Aeon Nox” Genre thumbs look kinda cool as well …  a bit colorless, but that’s how the original Author “Frodo” wanted them to be.


(i resized them / renamed them to folder.jpg  if anyone wants to use them)




Full credits to “Frodo” over at the XBMC Forum:

Hi Mr. JoeySmyth.  Would you kind enough to grant my movie genre request below? thank you.

  1. ASIAN - movies from china, hongkong, indonesia, thailand and malaysia.

  2. BIBLE - movies from the Bible stories. like the ten commandments, noah, exodus.

  3. CLASSIC - movies from the 40s, 50s, & 60s

  4. TAGALOG (I’m from the philippines.) - movies from the Philippines.

I hope you grant these soon. thanks a lot.

(note: i am not good in Photoshop. I’ve tried to use the template but the result is not good and not clear.)



I did’nt design the genre icons … as stated in the links,  user “frodo19” at the XBMC forums did.

Sorry, but i don’t desgin genre folder icons.  (because, personally… i don’t use them)

There’s a whole thread here with genre icons if you wanna check it out … (or google, is your next alternative)


HI everyone.

Can anybody kind enough create a mod for this theme to link in the Grid View. Just like the TitanGrid?