Alaska Resurface [WDTV LIVE HUB & SMP]


Thanks, I can do that then I guess…you know of hand what font/size is used for the metadata text? Will try and match look of metadata on files :slight_smile:


Joey, if you have the time of course, would it be at all possible to upload a Dark Vertical version that has both the drive thumbnail, and the watched code? 

I’ve done my best to combine them, and I’m getting some nasty results!

Thanks Joey!!

Edit: I’m using the video browse view, if that matters



I’ll look into it later today

Here you go, all done :smiley:

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You rock. Thanks Joey!! Works wonderfully. 


Does anyone know what font is used for metadata text (overview) I can’t for the life of me figure it out! :S

Size would be handy too!


It’s a proprietary font    (you’ll have to find a free font that looks similar)


Thanks Joey, is tricky looking on pc in one room running back and forward trying to match, lol…may take a photo or something. Sounds petty right?! Just want it to all match up :slight_smile:


fuzz79dude wrote:
Thanks Joey, is tricky looking on pc in one room running back and forward trying to match,

Good Exercise isn’t it  :wink:

Try the Capture Snapshot Feature on the SMP (insert a flashdrive and follow these instructions)

It will make things easier :smiley:


Done! Thanks, will keep you updated :slight_smile:


Hello Joey!

Thank you for your work. I have small question. Is possible somehow to show in WDTV in your theme that movie is in 3D. For examle with some small mark like:


in for example right down corner of movie image?

Thank you a lot :slight_smile:


Nope …  “sorry”  

as a suggestion … my setup, i have a movie folder named “3D MOVIES” which i place all my 3D Movies in.

That’s the simplest way to organize them… for me “personally”


what an awesome theme! been using it for a long time

can i request something :)?



can u change this view (12 icons):

to gallery view?

  • Add backdrop support without overlay/effects just like default theme in gallery view . i dont want dark blue wallpaper :slight_smile:

and dont add Watched icon

then replace the old 12 icons view with 15 icons vertical view

this would be really awesome!


yes, it’s possible to adapt the code from rv_video_browse_page.xml   (12 Thumbs) to the rv_gallery_browse_page.xml code (15 Thumbs)

But, swapping the code from views rv_gallery_browse_page.xml to rv_video_browse_page.xml  

is not gonna look right. 

Metadata (Plot, Actors, Genre text) only displays in " Gallery View"  (This is how WD engineers coded it into the Firmware)

So if the code for 15 thumbs is used in “Video Browse” view … it’s gonna look like this

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its fine for me :slight_smile: i actually like it 15 thumbs with no info in screen shot u posted , i dont use Metadata and i dont want it in gallery view. i will use 12 thumbs gallery view all the time becuase of backdrop & i think this is the best view :slight_smile:


rv_gallery_browse_page :  12 thumbs + backdrop support with no effects + no watched icon

r** v_video_browse_page** : 15 thumbs + no metadata + enlarge the poster on the left

btw if u decided to do one for me make sure to type your paypal email , donations will be made :smiley:

have a nice day


I will try and do it for you tomorrow      (it’s getting late here and i’m tired)

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ok so i was thinking about:

r** v_video_browse_page** : 15 thumbs + no metadata

since it has no metadata , enlarge the poster on the left

is it possible u do it like this?

or maybe this

if u cant its fine :slight_smile:


sure, i will post it later today …

OK, Good News and Bad News …

I did the “Mod” and swapped views …

“Gallery View” works fine on the WDTV Live Hub and WDTV Live SMP (i had to add a diffuse otherwise text names and labels were very difficlut to read when the moviesheets kicked in)

Remember, Moviesheet (transitions / timing / effects  are controlled by “Photo Settings” … just set it to “fade” and “5 Minutes” if you don’t won’t the movie backdrops to cycle)

My Nieghbour owns a WDTV Live SMP and i asked him if i could borrow it for tonight for “testing”

What did not work so well was “Video Browse” View on the WDTV Live SMP

It works fine though on the WDTV Live Hub … *i’m running older Firmware 2.07.17*

So, this view i designed (which took a while) works fine on the WDTV Live Hub … navigation is quick and responsive

But … on the WDTV Live SMP it is really slow and sluggish  :cry:

Ok, sure, it’s now 18 Thumbs instead of 15 … (there was plenty of room for an extra column of thumbs)

But, even removing the extra column back to 15 it was still really really slow on the SMP

Removing the code for the LARGE poster (on the left side of screen) problem solved … everything really fast again

I remember encountering a similar situation when i was running “Lastest Firmware” on my Live Hub

Basically, i’m not sure how to resolve this … (i only have the SMP as an overnight loan and i’m not prepared to update my Live Hub to Latest Firmware to try figure it out. When it works perfectly fine on older Firmware)

Anyways i did a quick video comparing the navigation speed (Hub 1st … then the SMP)

And a “take it or leave it” … download of the modded theme

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 thank you very much! :flushed:

12 view is ok but i dont like diffuse effect on backdrop :frowning: i want backdrop to be completly clear

Removing the code for the LARGE poster (on the left side of screen) problem solved … everything really fast again

18 view is laggy , you are right , i have a sulotion :stuck_out_tongue:

ok so

small changes needed:

(also attached 2 screenshots)

12 thumbs:

  • remove diffuse effect on backdrop
  • move the title text to Top instead of bottom
  • remove align="hcenter  (i can edit code manually)

18 thumbs: (change it to 27 thumbs)

  • remove large poster on left . replace it with 3 rows & 3 columns
  • change fontsize="30  (i can edit code manually)
  • enlarge poster a bit for the selected(red border) movie only . becuase on 12 thumbs view the selected movie is zoomed a bit , but on 15 thumbs selected movie is not zoomed

12 thumbs:

 27 thumbs:

i hope u own paypal account for the donation :slight_smile:


Ok, i removed the diffuse and moved the title.

27 Thumbs will creates the same problem (very slow and laggy) … only did a quick test, did’nt finish it

Unfortunately this is all the time i can afford to spend on this (have other projects i’m working on)

Here’s the final modification.   bye

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bravo :smiley: thanks man for your efforts u just made my day i really appreaite your awesome work

works perfect now :smiley: excatly just like i wanted , 12 thumbs gallery view + backdrop is gorgeous

one thing i miss , i promise this last question :stuck_out_tongue:

which xml & line i edit for enabling the small popup at top during playpack just like default theme

can u attach the code and i will add it manually

wish u the best , thanks again