Alaska Resurface [WDTV LIVE HUB & SMP]

Thanks for your help with this, you have been great.

Its almost there, I do now get a symbol for watched, but its the old original one.

Any ideas ? Your one looks so much better.




All credits and thank you’s are for Mister Smyth … :smiley:

On my screenshot there is the same stock symbol. JoeySmyth provided the new version with the Watched banner. Use the download link to get it.

If you don’t wont to replace the entire theme for some reason, in your  image/Gallery folder you will find gallery_view_unwatch.png and gallery_view_watch.png replace these two images with the new banner images you will find in the download.

In case the image/Gallery folder isn’t there in your theme add it and place the renamed banner images in this new folder.

 Edit: typo

I am using the new watched version JoeySmyth provided but still get the original icon.

He has placed the watched image in the image folder, are you saying this needs to be moved to the image/gallery folder.

The image/gallery folder currently doesnt have a watched image in it.

Cheers and thanks

After moving the watched image to the image/gallery folder it now works perfect.

Many thanks to JoeySmyth and Medic.

I can now live a peaceful life and dont have to listen to the wife bugging me.

Great Work.


How to add watched icon in Large Video Gallery ?

Sorry for the small stuff-up guys.  Glad you got it sorted  :smiley:

I decided to fix it … plus added the “Watched” to Video and Large Video as well (to answer abatt’s question)


hi Joey,

it would be easier if the downloads would be updated in the first post. at this point here, it will perish.


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Thanks for some excellent work.

One little question.

Is it possible to add the watched icon to all of the 15 items in the gallery browse in a simialr way to the other view you have modded.


Thanks mre15 :smileyhappy:

Unfortunately, since my WDTV Live Hub does not display the "Watched" icon in Gallery View... it would make modifiing code and testing things extremely difficult .. (not being able to see if something works or doesn't)

I will have to let a themer who owns an WDTV SMP with latest firmware answer that one.

Sorry :smileysad:

Example: This is Watched code from the Video Browse xml ... if i copied and pasted it into the Gallery View xml .... i would have no way of knowing if it will work or not. (if it does work, then the x,y,w,h would all have to be modified)

<wrapper w="20" h="19">
<image image="@@watched_0" x="308" y="255"/>
<image image="@@watched_1" x="602" y="255"/>
<image image="@@watched_2" x="896" y="255"/>
<image image="@@watched_3" x="1190" y="255"/>
<image image="@@watched_4" x="308" y="372"/>
<image image="@@watched_5" x="602" y="372"/>
<image image="@@watched_6" x="896" y="372"/>
<image image="@@watched_7" x="1190" y="372"/>
<image image="@@watched_8" x="308" y="489"/>
<image image="@@watched_9" x="602" y="489"/>
<image image="@@watched_10" x="896" y="489"/>
<image image="@@watched_11" x="1190" y="489"/>
<image image="@@watched_12" x="308" y="606"/>
<image image="@@watched_13" x="602" y="606"/>
<image image="@@watched_14" x="896" y="606"/>

Hi is it possible to get the imdb rating in this information? LIke under Genre for exampel?


Imdb will not display from metadata (this is a WD Firmware issue, not a theme issue)

JoeySmyth wrote:



Imdb will not display from metadata (this is a WD Firmware issue, not a theme issue)

Ok thank you!

Hi Joey> Is it possible to reduce the size of the thumbnail on the left, as found that I can’t see some of the movie metadata.> Thks in advance.> > * * *

I can read it just fine on my tv.

But if you can’t, yes you can edit it to suit your needs.  But it will require quite a bit of editing.


The Poster on the Left is this…

<image image="@@poster" x=“44” y=“131” w=“243” h=“364” scale=“100” scale_type=“pan” align=“top” bg=“1”/>

The Rounded corners on the Poster you will need to edit in Gimp or Photoshop


All the metadata … fontsize=  controls the fontsize, for multi line text you will also need to change h=“170” for line spacing

<text x=“42” y=“100"w=“1200"h=“26” text=”@@browse_text” fontsize=“22” textcolor=“0xcccccc” bg=“1”/>


Hi Joey…

First let me say, this is a very nice Theme that you create.

Now I have some Question.

I used the Video browse page (rv_video_browse_page.xml) (the big one, with the 12 Covers) as my main Gallary for movies.

How must i change the xml, then i want include a "poster " on the right side, only then I in the last Folder, there ist the Movie ( for example “movie_poster.jpg”).

I try something, but nothing will work.

Secoundly, can you upload some “testfolders” of your libery?

Sorry about my bad english, but i´m from Germany and not so fit in english forums :smiley:

Hi, Capy79

Thanks :smiley:

I used the Video browse page (rv_video_browse_page.xml) (the big one, with the 12 Covers) as my main Gallary for movies.

How must i change the xml, then i want include a "poster " on the right side, only then I in the last Folder, there ist the Movie ( for example “movie_poster.jpg”).

I’m not sure i understand ?   If you can post “Mockup” picture of what you want  (Using Photoshop,Paintshop,GIMP)

i will see what i can do :smiley:

Secoundly, can you upload some “testfolders” of your libery?

There is no special folder / file structure for movies

I personally just have 1 folder named “MOVIES” which contain all my movies (mkv,avi etc with the movie xml’s and the jpgs)

Some people like a main folder eg. “MOVIES” and then Genre Subfolders eg. ACTION, SCI-FI etc that contain the movies mkv,avi etc with the movie xml’s and jpg’s sorted into each Genre folder)

P.S. your english is good

Ok, thanks for my english :slight_smile:

ok, let me try to give you a idea of that i want.

the first top Picture is the main Libery, that i want to use (i know this is the xml.file rv_video_browse_page.xml, right?)

Now i select a movie and i see a big picture of the movie cover (in the 2. Picture “Tribute of panem”) on the left site.

My “wish” there now, that the WD load a picture ( moviename_poster.jpg in the same Folder ) on the right Site.

 But no matter what I want to do, it want look like that.

I know, that ivolves problems (exempel Series or Moviefolder thats involes more than one moviefile) but i made sure that in my files/folder structur.

S o** , I** hope that will give you a clearer idea of these idea?

You would to have to use “Linksheets” to achieve what you want.

However you would have to remove the bg=“1” and place the code

at end of the rv_video_browse_page.xml  (this way, the Linksheet will overlay on top of the thumbnails)

Your file / folder structure would be this…

The Hunger Games Catching Fire          ------------   This is a folder

Inside the folder

The Hunger Games Catching Fire.mkv

The Hunger Games Catching Fire.jpg

The Hunger Games Catching Fire.xml

The Linksheet would then be named  The Hunger Games Catching Fire.mkv and reside inside your THEME folder.

Please research as much as you can regarding Linksheets


I love this theme, AND the fact it uses the GUI content grabs…one question (and I know it defeats the purpose of speed) I use the gallery mode (xml info at bottom)…anyway of enabling the background images behind the text?, like the GUI interface does…this would be perfect! Please!!! :smiley: