Alaska Resurface [WDTV LIVE HUB & SMP]


I did’nt design the genre icons … as stated in the links,  user “frodo19” at the XBMC forums did.

Sorry, but i don’t desgin genre folder icons.  (because, personally… i don’t use them)

There’s a whole thread here with genre icons if you wanna check it out … (or google, is your next alternative)

HI everyone.

Can anybody kind enough create a mod for this theme to link in the Grid View. Just like the TitanGrid?


just a quick and simple edit for Grid UI (just added the appropriate xmls… i did’nt change the graphics)

busy working on something else today :wink:

EDIT (removed black diffuse overlay)

Note: to enable “Grid” on ANY theme … these are the xml’s that you need to cut’n’paste into a theme

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JoeySmyth wrote:

just a quick and simple edit for Grid UI (just added the appropriate xmls… i did’nt change the graphics)


busy working on something else today :wink:


EDIT (removed black diffuse overlay)



Note: to enable “Grid” on ANY theme … these are the xml’s that you need to cut’n’paste into a theme

thank you very much JoeySmyth. you’re a saviour. it is just what I need.

Hi joey.

if i add my mod pictures using the folder apps/. it will not upload to the devices. it has an invalid error. Please help

you need to zip it at root leve l and use NO compression (aka. “store” in most zip programs)

(root level:  highlight all files/folders right click and zip.  if you extract the zip and end up with 2 folders … then you did it wrong

eg. (extracting the zip and checking that you zipped it at root level)

MyTheme > MyTheme >  images and xmls      X   Incorrectly Zipped

MyTheme >  images and xmls   :heavy_check_mark:  Correctly Zipped

Also note: 30MB is the Maximum Size for a Theme

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hi JoeySmyth thanks for a detailed explanation.

it works.

no problems :smiley:  i’ve sent you a presonal message (click the envelope icon at the top right of your screen  )

I love this theme–been using it for the last few months. Quick question–do you know of a guide somewhere on how to make genre folders using a template? I take it you have to use thumbgen? I would love to be able to make my own genre folders as sometimes I have a weird folder like “Ghost Movies” or sub generes that I can’t find images for and can’t get ahold of the person who made the theme, they just offer a template to download. Thank you again!

Most people use a Graphics editor like Photoshop or GIMP (which is *Free*)

You could use Thumbgen i suppose, but it might be a bit fiddly.

Here’s the Template *.XCF file (which is a GIMP Project File)

you will also need to install this font …  (copy and paste it into your Windows / Font folder)

when you have GIMP installed, just double click on it and you will see this …

and from there you edit the layers and text to suit your needs.  (apologies for not providing more details, but a complete user guide would take a while… best way to learn is, install GIMP have a play around, get familiar it and then ask some questions)

Here’s a “Ghost Movies”  folder genre i quickly did for you …

Ghost Movies.jpg

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Thank you so much! I don’t mind tinkering I just wasn’t sure where to begin lol. Now that you have me in the right direction I’ll be messing around with gimp all day tomorrow! Thank you again for so much help. :smiley:


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would it be possible to have just the thumbnail and movie info under it, if so where do i make the changes?

the text would be difficult to read in most views … but if you want to do it, you’ll need to design a thumbgen thumbnail template (there is no editing of the theme that will put movie info on a thumbnail)

Thumbgen Designer

Hi Joey

Quick question, you helped me with figuring out the Kudos theme last week, would this Alaska theme work on my WD player. I have the newest version of the WD player (July 2014) is it compatible with this theme? If so how would I go about downloading it? Is there a download for thumbgen templates? Or would my current moviesheets work on this theme?

Thanks Jen

Yes, my theme works fine on the 2014 WDTV Media Player ( i own one, and have tested it)

To quote from page one …

This is a Non-Moviesheet Theme (ie. It’s just using Poster Thumbnails)

3rd Party Software (eg. “Thumbgen” is NOT Required) it’s optional if you wish to use it.

The “optional” part of using Thumbgen means … if you want to use it to generate higher quality thumbnails.

There are no Moviesheets displayed in this theme.

However, i did do a user requested modification later on … but it’s using Moviesheets thar are generated automatically by the WDTV. example

So, basically, the Moviesheets you generated with Thumbgen for the Kudos Theme … will not suit my theme.

The idea behind my theme was to keep things as simple as possible (K.I.S.S. technology) and let the WDTV do all the automatic generation of posters and moviesheets without the user requiring any knowledge of Thumbgen (or any 3rd party software)

Hello, I really like the “light” Alaska theme but I have tried installing it and it’s not giving me the option to press play on the folder so the episodes play one after another. Instead after every episode I have to load the next one. Can you please fix this issue?


i will fix them all later today

Edit: Fixed (including the Light Versions) Download link on Page (1)

Hi Joey,

I wanted to know if it would be possible to have a landscape picture instead of the vertical poster on the 15 thumbnail gallery view.

Not a cropped landscape of the poster but something similar to the aeonish theme.

Hi Joey

Thanks for all the work on this theme. I am new to WDTV and installed your theme.AlaskaDARK_V1.3_15_TBN_VERT

I have a possible bug and a question.

First the bug:

When playing music I think an icon is missing or not being loaded but I can not figure out which file it is to double check

As you can see in the image below.

And the Second question is the fix you applied to the light and dark files for “Play Fix” should I add the includes in the AlaskaDARK_V1.3_15_TBN_VERT files too or is not required.

<include filename="./rv_multi_edit_ctrls.xml"/> 
<include filename="./rv_browse_common_ctrls.xml"/>

 TIA for your time.