Airport Extreme doesn't see MyBookLive

I just bought a 2T MyBookLive to add as an external drive to my Airport Extreme. I wanted it to be storage for anyone on my home network. I thought the Ethernet connection would work but I can’t get the Airport to see the drive. Does anyone know the correct settings to use on the Airport so I can see the drive. There’s a lot of information about USB drives, but little if any help with an Ethernet drive.



I have only worked with an APX a couple times, so this might not be 100% accurate… but most of it should be.

The MBL is a network drive, and is only going to use the APX for it’s router/switch capability.

The APX will see the MBL the same as another computer on your network. That is what the MBL in all reality is. A tiny, stripped down Linux computer that has available hard drive space.

Currently you should be able to see the MBL from your computers on your network, and access the Public Share.

Open Finder and see if the MyBookLive is listed under “Shared”.

If this is the case, then the MBL is working correctly.