Airport Extreme does NOT recognize WD MyBook Essential

I have a 3 TB WD MyBook Essential.

I have partitioned it into 4 partitions. They are all formatted in Mac OS Extended Journaled.

When I connect the drive directly via USB to my Macbook Pro, I can read and write to all of the partitions. So the HD works fine.

When I connect it to my Airport Extreme (A1521) none of the partitions appear under the Disks tab. I have connected other non WD USB HD’s (powered and unpowered, partitioned and nonpartioned) and they all appear just fine and can be seen by my macbook pro over the network.

So why does the 3 TB MyBook Essentials not function properly with the Airport Extreme?

Anyone know of any solution to this problem? I was trying to use the larger MyBook for backups over the network.


Welcome to the Community.

Some routers do not support USB hard drives larger than 2TB even if partitioned into smaller volumes. I’d recommend confirming the limitations of this router.