Airlink adapter connection dropping

Hey guys/gal,

I’m using an Airlink AWLL6075 wifi dongle on my WDTV and am having issues. I know that it is not “officially” supported by wdtv, but the WDTV is recognizing it and it has been able to connect to my network. However, it will only be connected to my network for around a minute or so, then it drops. As soon as I try to do anything significant it drops. For instance, I can browse local shares, open flickr and it will load/download the latetst interesting pictures, but as soon as I try to watch something on a local share or click on one of the “interesting pictures” on flickr the connection craps out. Any suggestions about what to do here? I feel like if the adapter wasn’t supported then it wouldn’t connect at all, so obviously there is support for it.

If it’s not guaranteed to work at its fullest, then it’s not supported. The fact that is seen doesn’t automatically mean that’s going to work as it should.

Check if the problem is the adapter itself, the router encryption or the media player. First thing to do is to play with the encryption of your router, then having the media player (With the adapter) as close as possible to your router in case there’s latency, then move on to a wired connection for comparison and lastly try a supported adapter.