Age Old Folder Recovery Question - WD MyCloud 8TB

Greetings all,

Windows 10 Pro - i7, 16GB RAM
VM Capability - Kali 2020 and Ubuntu 19.10
MyCloud Personal Storage NAS - 8TB - latest Firmware
Recovery Software - Paragon, EaseUS, Disk Digger and Stellar Phoenix

I know this has been brought up a number of times, but I’m not sure how long it’s been. Any NEW-ish ideas on how to recover a very important folder (to me)? I am prepared to SSH in, or whatever is necessary. My Google-Fu is moderate. I have a WD NAS Recovery application, but it wants to use the old “root” username and password to connect and I know that the newer username is “sshd”. Unfortunately I cannot change the username in the software :expressionless: so I can’t use that. Windows simply does not recognize the file system when the disk is attached directly so that kills a number of options as well. :frowning:

Any help would be appreciated. I’ve been hammering away at this incessantly for two days (all day) now and am getting nowhere.


The default password is welc0me (that is a zero) and username stays root if it reverted back to the factory password. WinSCP will let you browse the file system.

Unfortunately the default “welc0me” doesn’t work either as I was asked to set a password when I enabled SSH rather than seeing a default at the time. Forgot to mention that I tried that one as well. I do know what the current password is, however. :frowning:

WinSCP? I’m familiar with it, but I’m only able to browse rather than restore a deleted folder, no?

Thank you for your reply, btw. :slight_smile:

I was thinking you were having problems accessing the data. If it was deleted or formatted my suggetion of WinSCP can be ignored. For data recovery from a windows PC I use the full version of R-Studio but they do have a free version that should help you out called R-Undelete. Best recovery software I have found. Got me out of a jam when I was stupid enough to try windows storage spaces.