Again : "There is no media in the current folder"

Hello to all,

few days ago I bough  WD live . I have a home network  with 3 XP machines + WD Live,  all getting IP-s from ADSL router.

Only problem is that WD live can see shared drives on one machine which is on service pack 2, the other two are on service pack 3.

I am really frustrated and what would you suggest I shold do ?


Welcome to the forums.

It shouldn’t be the service packs – my XP machine is also on SP3 and works.  We have seen some instances where some shares interfere with others.  Have you tried leaving all the machines off except for one of the SP3 machines to see if the shares can be seen then? 

And does your SP2 machine see the shares on the other two machines?



well I found problem the problematic machines did not have the so called “IRPStackSize” set.

Here is the instruction    ,  but only after the  “IRPStackSize”  decimal value is set to 50 the WD TV live started to see all shared location on my machines (XP SP3)… 

Glad to hear you got it sorted out.