After working for years, randomly cant connect

it appears under shared drives like normal, when i try acces drive in finder i get…connection failed, i try to connect as and i cant even get the user/pw prompt.  i get “ther server mybooklive may not exist or is unavailable at this time.  check the server…etc”

i tried mapping myself by go connect to server and tried smb and afp and got same message.

i updated firmware to see if that would resolve the issue but it didnt.

btw i just tried accessing the files from my Apple 2 and it sess and plays everything fine.

is there some weird network setting that may have got messed up? im on OS X

or maybe router?  the only different is, i lost internet last night…ip issue or something?


seems like accessing the files from the apple tv did something…i can now acess everything on MPB again but slow as **bleep**…is it this new firmware?