After WD Smartware backup process, folder special icons disappeared

Hello this is Onur

I try to back up from 1TB WD My passport HDD to my 1TB Seagate HDD with WD smartware pro software. After all of back up, I realised backup (in Seagate HDD) folders have not got special folder icons like as in WD HDD. Special icons is at the my pc FolderS. And i defined all folders( in WD HDD) to see special icon on them using FolderS.

When Seagate HDD connect to my PC to see folders. I can not see folder special icons on it. But there is icon folder in my Pc (FolderS).

Please Help me


Can you please provide more information about your question?

What type of files are on those folder that you are missing?

Hello ERmorel,
this is source hdd (WD MY PASSPORT ULTRA 1 TB) scren captured.

and this is Seagate 1 TB baracuda 3,5’ ., scren captured.

Source folders have special icons( I perapered and attheched before them) – WD

others --Seagate – have not got.this is problem

Note : but i try ‘copy and paste’ directly to 1.KAPI folder from WD to seagate. I realised that icon can visual. only this way.

Icons are at the pc. I prepared a folder in PC.