After upgrading to 01.02.12 firmware I cannot access the shared drives from Windows

Hello, yesterday night I had the great idea to upgrade firmware to 01.02.12 on My Book World Edition. After the firmware I got the message it was successful.

Now I can access fine my data (I have music, pictures and videos) only from the Twonky browser, but I cannot access any more the shared drives that I had from my Windows systems. When I click on the shared from the Windows Explorer I get the message the path is not accessible (I get almost the same message if I try to browse network shares through WD Discovery, it tells me that My Book refers to a location that is unavailable).

What is interesting is that if I create a brand new share (from the admin interface, under storage --> folder shares) then I can map the drive fine using the WD discovery.

But for the two existing shared I have (public, download) I cannot access them any more from the explorer (as I said, I can only from the Twonky web browser).

Has anyone experienced the same issue ? I don’t know what to do at this point. In my public share I have a lot of precious pictures and videos, and I don’t even want to think I have to download them one at a time through the Twonky browser, to recover them. There must be a way to restore the normal access from the Windows explorer.

This morning I called WD support, they told me to rebuild the database, I did it, it didn’t solve anything, I have the same situatiom described above.

In case you guys can help it would be wonderful.



have you tried using a different browser?

it sounds simple but it helps to use the default browser

try to disable the firewall, antivirus and internet security 

try the standard reset and power cycle