After updating firmware, still no Snagfilms video?

Model WDBHG70000NBK-02 .
Just bought it second hand, was hoping I could at least see some free movie content. Snagfilms only plays audio, no video.
Am I missing something here, wasn’t the latest firmware supposed to help?
Version 2.03.20
Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

have you tried a Factory Reset ?

Setup > System > Device Reset > Reset All Settings Back to Factory Default

(footnote: i have the 2014 WDTV and SnagFilms disappeared on my device.
but, SnagFilms works perfectly fine on my RPi2 :slight_smile:)

I did try doing a factory reset, twice before posting here. The first time manually via the button hole under the unit. And then again via the interface as mentioned.