After update to OS5 I lost access to the web interface remotely, while local access returns wrong username/password

I have upgraded my PR4100 from os3 to os5.

My server is located in a remote location with private IP.

At the beginning I was able to access the server through VPN connection to the router, after obtaining a local private IP. At that time connection through port forwarding, that used to work like a charm with OS3, was not possible. It was as https was not up.

After some hours, when I was trying to connect through the VPN, I got redirected to the unique address. A nslookup reveals that the unique address is pointing to the local private address of the PR4100. Since then it is impossible to login in as I get a wrong username and password.

As for the remote access, through port forwarding, it is now returning 503, bad request!

Thanks god I can still access the PR4100 through ssh. I have rebooted the server through ssh with no luck.

Any tips?

And a request, P2P seems not to be there in OS5! When will this come back?

tnx a lot